McCain’s Opposition Research – Part 40

Via or from BuzzFeed comes an opposition research file compiled by the McCain campaign in 2008.  The document is 194 pages long.  This post begins  at the  top of pg 178  and ends at the top  of 184.

I have bolded the first word in each entry for ease of reading.



  • In late 2002, Romney described himself as “a progressive-on-social-issues governor of Massachusetts.”
  • Romney left the state GOP weaker than when he took over as governor, with the party described as being “at its weakest point in years.”
  • During 1998 panel on urban issues, Romney addressed need for Boston business communities to work together and claimed “Hillary Clinton is very much right, it does take a village.”
  • In 1994, Romney opposed the Contract with America without even reading it.
  • Romney has made political contributions to Democratic candidates, saying he places friendship above politics.
  • Romney appeared in 2003 TV ad endorsing Democrat Rocky Anderson – who has been outspoken in calling for President Bush’s impeachment over Iraq war – for reelection as Salt Lake City mayor; Romney featured an Anderson testimonial in his own TV ads while running for governor in 2002.
  • Romney proclaimed he wasn’t a Republican during the Reagan years, saying “I was an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush. I’m not trying to return to Reagan-Bush.”
  • Romney was an independent until deciding to run for the Senate in 1994.
  • Romney voted for Paul Tsongas in the 1992 Democratic presidential primary.
  • Romney has surrounded himself with policy advisers – like Gregory Mankiw, Vin Weber, Kerry Healey, Bill Weld and more – who do not share his beliefs on key issues.
  • Top Romney campaign aides and surrogates have ties to several recent Washington ethics scandals.
  • Romney’s spending decisions as chairman of the Republican Governors Association during 2006 election cycle “raised eyebrows” in light of his presidential aspirations.


In Late 2002, Romney Described Himself As “Progressive On Social Issues” Romney Called Himself  “A Progressive-On-Social-Issues Governor Of Massachusetts.”

“I’ve given my heart and energy to become governor of Massachusetts. I would like to do a good job and beyond that I haven’t a clue … and I don’t know that the world is pining for a progressive-on-social-issues governor of Massachusetts.”

(Joe Battenfeld, “Romney’s Bay State Win Boosts National Image,” Boston Herald, 11/10/02)

Romney Claims To Be Recent “Convert” To Social Conservatism1994 Romney: Pro-Choice, Pro-Universal Health Care, Anti-Contract With America, Supported Gays In TheBoy Scouts.

“On conservative talk shows, Romney was being derided today for ‘throwing the fight,’ by blurring his differences with the Democrat. Eager to show that he is a moderate independent and no ideologue, Romney stressed his support for universal health insurance and abortion rights, criticized the Republican ‘Contract With America’ promoted by the party’s congressional leaders and, at Faneuil Hall, was more outspoken than Kennedy in arguing that the Boy Scouts should not exclude homosexual youths.”

(David Broder, “Once Again, Kennedy’s The One To Beat,” The Washington Post, 10/26/94)

“Who Is The Real Mitt Romney…”

“Twelve years ago, Romney boasted that he would be more effective in fighting discrimination against gay men and lesbians than Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), distanced himself from some conservative policies of the Reagan administration, and proudly recalled his family’s record in support of abortion rights. The apparent gulf between the candidate who ran for the Senate in 1994 and the one getting ready to run for president has raised questions as to who is the real Mitt Romney.”

(Dan Balz and Shailagh Murray,“Mass. Governor’s Rightward Shift Raises Questions,” The Washington Post, 12/21/06)

Romney Failed In Attempts To Build Up State GOP In Massachusetts Romney Left The State GOP Weaker Than When He Took Over As Governor.

“[Romney’s] efforts to challenge the Democrats and promote Republican candidates for the legislature failed. His partner in the statehouse, Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey, lost a bid to succeed him. And Romney is leaving office with the state GOP weaker than when he arrived.”

(David Broder, “Romney Leaving Mass. With Mixed Record,” The Washington Post, 11/26/06)

Boston Herald’s Brett Arends:

[Romney] left the state GOP dead in the water.”

(Brett Arends, Op-Ed, “Mitt Shoots Holes In His Credibility,” Boston Herald, 4/11/07)

Romney’s “Major” 2004 Campaign Efforts In Massachusetts Failed Abysmally.

“Frustrated by seeing big parts of his program roadblocked, Romney mounted a major effort to change the makeup of the legislature in his midterm election in 2004. He campaigned and financed races in dozens of districts, spending $3 million, and when the returns came in, Republicans had two fewer seats than before – leaving the Democrats with an overwhelming, veto-proof majority in both the state House and Senate.”

(David Broder, “Romney Leaving Mass. With Mixed Record,” The Washington Post, 11/26/06)

At End Of Romney Administration, State GOP “At Its Weakest Point In Years.”

“Patrick’s victory over Healey marked a kind of repudiation of the Romney legacy in Massachusetts. The Republican Party there, never robust, is now at its weakest point in years.”

(David Broder, “Romney Leaving Mass. With Mixed Record,” The Washington Post, 11/26/06)

Romney Has Made Political Contributions To Democratic Candidates Romney Donated To U.S. Rep. Dick Swett (D-NH).

“Willard Mitt Romney donated $250 in 1992 to then-U.S. Rep. Dick Swett’s (D.-N. H.) successful re-election campaign. The one-term congressman served another term before losing to Republican Charles Bass in 1994. Two years later, Swett ran unsuccessfully against Republican Bob Smith for one of the Granite State’s U.S. Senate seats.”

(Deroy Murdock, “Mitt Romney’s Swett Problem,”, 3/6/07)

Romney Aide: “I Think He Was Friendly” With Swett.

“[W]hy did Romney support those Democrats in the first place? ‘I don’t know,’ Madden says. ‘I don’t have an understanding of that. I think he was friendly with Dick Swett.’”

(Deroy Murdock, “Mitt Romney’s Swett Problem,”, 3/6/07)

Romney Donated To U.S. Rep. John LaFalce (D-NY) And U.S. Senate Candidate Doug Anderson (D-UT).

“In1992, the former Massachusetts governor and current Republican presidential contender also donated $250 to Rep. John J. La Falce (D.-N.Y.) and $1,000 to Douglas Delano Anderson, an unsuccessful Democratic primary candidate for the U.S. Senate seat held by Utah Republican Jake Garn, who retired that year.”

(Deroy Murdock, “Mitt Romney’s Swett Problem,”, 3/6/07)

“[H]ow About The $250 To LaFalce? Madden Replies: ‘I Don’t Know The Particulars Of That Particular Donation.’”

(Deroy Murdock, “Mitt Romney’s Swett Problem,”, 3/6/07)

Romney: “I Place My Friendship Above Politics.”

“Romney said yesterday he donated to the two congressmen at the request of friends. ‘I place my friendship above politics. I have not been intent on plotting a political resume,’ he said…”

(Frank Phillips, “GOP Hopeful Faces Queries From Own Party,” The Boston Globe, 2/2/94)

Romney Defended His Donations: “I Don’t Think They’re Mortal Sins.”

“Belmont businessman W. Mitt Romney … defended donations to Democratic congressional candidates in 1992. ‘I don’t think they’re mortal sins for Republicans to make contributions to good people and to their friends, irrespective of their party,’ Romney, 46, told reporters…”

(Wayne Woodlief, “Romney: Religion No Issue In Senate Race,” Boston Herald, 2/3/94)

Romney Voiced Agreement With Hillary Clinton’s “It Takes A Village” Comment

Boston Globe Reported That During 1998 Panel On Urban Issues, Romney Claimed “Hillary Clinton Is Very Much Right, It Does Take A Village.”

“I saw an article recently in Commonwealth magazine where Michael Porter from the Harvard Business School said … that in Boston, unlike any city he had visited, he said something troubling to me, he said our sectors don’t work together. We seem to view each other with suspicion and skepticism. … Hillary Clinton is very much right, it does take a village, and we are a village and we need to work together in a non-skeptical, non-finger-pointing way…”

(“For City Problems, Future Solutions,” The Boston Globe, 3/1/98)

Romney Was An Independent Until Deciding To Run For The Senate In 1994Romney Considered ‘94 Senate Run As An Independent Before Dismissing It – Not Because He Wanted To Be A Republican, But Because It Was Impractical.

“When Romney decided to run, Republicans exchanged quizzical looks: ‘We didn’t know a single Republican when we jumped in in December,’ his wife, Ann, says. As a registered independent, Romney had voted in the Democratic presidential primary in 1992 to support Paul E.Tsongas (though he backed George Bush in the general election, he says). He briefly considered running for the Senate seat as an independent as well, his wife says, before rejecting the idea as impractical.”

(Ronald Brownstein, “Kennedy in The Fight Of His Life,” Los Angeles Times, 10/7/94)

Romney Voted In 1992 Democratic Presidential Primary Romney Voted For Paul Tsongas In The 1992 Democratic Presidential Primary.

“[Romney] wasn’t a strong party man. He had been a registered independent all his life. He still was, as he pondered the Kennedy challenge.  He had even voted for Paul Tsongas in the 1992 Massachusetts Democratic presidential primary.”

(Ben Bradlee Jr.,“Romney Seeks New Chapter In Success,” The Boston Globe, 8/7/94)

At The Time, Romney Claimed He Voted For Tsongas Because He Was From Massachusetts And Preferred His Ideas To Those Of Bill Clinton.

“Romney confirmed he voted for former US Sen. Paul Tsongas in the state’s 1992 Democratic presidential primary, saying he did so both because Tsongas was from Massachusetts and because he favored his ideas over those of Bill Clinton. He added he had been sure the GOP would renominate George Bush, for whom he voted in the fall election.”

(Scot Lehigh and Frank Phillips, “GOP’s Romney Declares,  Says Kennedy Out Of Date,” The Boston Globe, 2/3/94)

Romney Distanced Himself From Ronald Reagan And George H.W. Bush

Romney Proclaimed He Wasn’t A Republican During The Reagan Years, Adding “I’m Not Trying To To Return To Reagan-Bush.”

Kennedy attempted to link Romney several times during the debate to conservatives such as Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) and accused him of trying to return the country to the policies of the Reagan-Bush administrations. Romney objected to the characterizations, saying: ‘I was an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush. I’m not trying to return to Reagan-Bush.’”

(Joe Battenfield, “Conservative Group Yanks Its Support For Mitt,” Boston Herald, 10/27/94)

Romney Now Claims To Be A Reagan Republican.

“‘Ronald Reagan is one of my heroes,’ Romney said as he praised Reagan’s strategy for winning the Cold War: ‘We win; they lose.’”

(Michael Levenson, “Romney Links Gay Marriage, US Prestige,” The Boston Globe, 2/26/05)

Romney Disavowed Contract With America, Ran Away From GOP For Most Of His Career Romney Opposed The Contract With America Without Even Reading It.

“Republican US Senate hopeful Mitt Romney yesterday distanced himself from a GOP leadership move to rally congressional candidates behind a‘contract with America’ – a 10-point manifesto that embraces welfare cuts, tax cuts and a beefed-up military. …Romney aides, hoping to keep their candidate out of the controversy the contract has generated and as far from Washington politics as possible, said the GOP hopeful, who is seeking to unseat US Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, has not read the document and had no plans to support it.”

(Frank Phillips And Chris Reidy, “Romney Silent On GOP Plan,” The Boston Globe, 10/1/94)

Romney Campaigned Against The ‘94 Republican Agenda.

“Mr. Romney, a venture capitalist who has never held elective office, criticized the Republican campaign agenda, the ‘Contract With America,’ as too partisan. He said he would have gone against the GOP leadership and supported the crime bill, and would oppose a capital gains tax cut.”

(Rod Dreher, “Kennedy Avoids Haymaker In Final Debate With Romney,”  The Washington Times, 10/28/94)

“Romney … Disassociated Himself  From Reagan And Bush Policies And Said He Would Be Independent Of Republican Senate Leaders.”

(Editorial, “Kennedy-Romney, One More Time,” The Boston Globe,10/27/94)

Romney Supported Abortion Rights And Gays In The Boy Scouts.

“Eager to show that he is a moderate independent and no ideologue, Romney stressed his support for universal health insurance and abortion rights … and, at Faneuil Hall, was more outspoken than Kennedy in arguing that the Boy Scouts should not exclude homosexual youths.

(David Broder, “Once Again, Kennedy’s The One To Beat,” The Washington Post, 10/29/94)

“Romney … Is Socially Liberal In The Tradition Of Many Massachusetts Republicans.”

(“Election ‘94: How    The Mighty May Fall,” Christian Science Monitor, 11/1/94)

Romney Praised Bill Clinton.

“Romney used the question to distance himself from the Republican Party leadership in Washington and to paint himself as an independent figure. … The GOP candidate warmly praised President Clinton. ‘I think the president does a lot of things that make a lot of sense,’ he said. ‘I support him in many ways.’”

(Scot Lehigh and Frank Phillips, “Round 2 – Sound Without The Fury,” The Boston Globe, 10/28/94)

“In Texas, Romney Would Be Lynched As A Socialist In No Time.”

(Molly Ivins, Op-Ed, “In The East, Even Republicans Sound Liberal On The Stump,” The Sunday Oregonian, 10/30/94)

1994 Senate Debate: Romney “Praised Kennedy Almost As Much As He Criticized Him.”

“Last night at Holyoke Community College, [Romney] minded his manners so carefully that he praised Kennedy almost as much as he criticized him. As was the case in Tuesday night’s confrontation in Boston’s Faneuil Hall, the challenger failed to challenge.”

(Martin Nolan, “Well-Mannered Challenger Neglects To Offer Challenge,” The Boston Globe, 10/28/94)

Romney Was Anxious To Accept Over $550,000 In Funding From National Republicans…

“Both parties …may contribute a maximum of nearly $559,000 to their Senate candidates in Massachusetts. Carney said Republicans planned to offer Romney the maximum, and when Romney’s consultant, Charles Manning, was asked if Romney planned to accept it, he said, ‘Yes, yes, yes.’ However, Manning said the committee’s money would be about all the help Romney would accept from Washington other than individual campaign contributions.”

(Bob Hohler, “National Parties Plan To Pour Money Into Campaign,” The Boston Globe, 9/22/94)

…But Refused To Appear With Them On The Trail.

“Even Republican national leaders, several of whose aides indicated they were anxious to campaign for Romney, will not be welcome, according to Manning.  ‘Frankly, we expect all the possible presidential candidates to want to come up and campaign with Mitt, but we plan on quietly saying, “Thank you, but no thank you,”‘ he said. ‘I don’t think there is anyone Washington can send us who is going to help Mitt.’”

(Bob Hohler, “National Parties Plan To Pour Money Into Campaign,” The Boston Globe, 9/22/94)

Prominent Conservative Group Un-Endorsed Romney’s 1994 Campaign“Conservative Victory Committee” Headed By L. Brent Bozell Withdrew Support For Romney In 1994, Saying He Backed A “Left-Wing Agenda” And It Made “No Difference” If Romney Or Kennedy Won.

“A national conservative group yesterday attacked Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mitt Romney for espousing a ‘left-wing agenda’ and urged its followers not to support his candidacy. The group said Romney’s nationally televised debate performance against Sen. Edward M. Kennedy showed he is  ‘anti-family’ and running away from conservative Republican themes. ‘It makes no difference who wins (the Senate race),’ said L. Brent Bozell, executive director of the Conservative Victory Committee, a fiercely conservative fund-raising group. ‘Romney is not going to be a fighter for a conservative agenda.’”

(Joe Battenfeld, “Conservative Group Yanks Its Support For Mitt,” Boston Herald, 10/27/94)


Bozell: “I’m Sorry We Ever Raised A Penny For His Campaign.”

“[Bozell] said he now regrets asking his group members to contribute to Romney because the debate ‘demonstrated very clearly that (Romney) has more in common with liberal Democrats than he does with conservatives.’ … ‘I’m sorry we ever raised a penny for his campaign,’ Bozell said in a statement.”

(Joe Battenfeld, “Conservative Group Yanks Its Support For Mitt,” Boston Herald, 10/27/94)


Other Conservatives “Also Were Reportedly Upset With Romney” Over His Liberal Positions.

“Other conservative leaders in Washington also were reportedly upset with Romney for voicing support on Tuesday night for gay rights, abortion rights and forcing employers to release information on their hiring record of women and minorities.”

(Joe Battenfeld, “Conservative Group Yanks Its Support For Mitt,” Boston Herald, 10/27/94)

Romney Campaign Dismissed Bozell’s Group As Right-Wing Organization Perpetrating A “Silly …Gimmick” To “Try To Get Publicity.”

“Romney adviser Charles Manning last night dismissed Bozell’s group a sa right-wing organization that has not been involved in Romney’s campaign. ‘This is the type of gimmick that groups like this use to try to get publicity and it’s really silly,’ Manning said.”

(Joe Battenfeld, “Conservative Group Yanks Its Support For Mitt,”  Boston Herald, 10/27/94)

In 2003, Romney Endorsed Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson’s Reelection Campaign And AppearedIn TV Ad For Him

Anderson Is A Liberal Democrat Who Supports Impeaching President Bush Romney Endorsed Anderson (D) And Appeared In Television Ad Touting Anderson’s Virtues.

“Governor Mitt Romney, whose first foray into national politics ended in a minor political fiasco last week, is endorsing another out-of-state political figure, but this time, it’s a Democrat with left-leaning social positions who is a strong critic of the Iraq war. Romney has made an ad praising Rocky Anderson, the liberal Salt Lake City mayor who is seeking a second term. He praises Anderson’s work with him on the 2002 Winter Olympics and gives the mayor credit for playing a big role in saving the once-troubled games.”

(Frank Phillips, “Romney Backs New Candidate,” The Boston Globe, 10/7/03)


“[Anderson] Has Republican Support Too. There’s Mitt Romney Of 2002 Winter Olympic Fame Who Starred In One Of The Mayor’s TV Spots.”

(Heather May and Linda Fantin, “GOP Strategy: Dump Rocky,” Salt Lake Tribune, 10/12/03)

Romney Spokesman Said Romney’s “Very Special” Relationship With Anderson Transcended Politics.

“[A]ides said that, because of their work together, the governor has a ‘very special’ relationship with Anderson, who endorsed him in the race for governor last year. ‘Sometimes personal friendships transcend politics,’ said Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney’s director of communications.  ‘That is certainly the case with Mitt Romney and Rocky Anderson.’”

(Frank Phillips, “Romney Backs New Candidate,” The Boston Globe, 10/7/03)

Anderson Called For President Bush’s Impeachment, Accusing Bush Of “Incredible Abuses Of Power,”Misleading Nation Into “Tragic, Unbelievable War” And “Heinous Human Rights Abuses.”

ANDERSON:“We think if impeachment were ever justified, this certainly is the time … This president, by engaging in such incredible abuses of power, breaches of trust with both the Congress and the American people, and misleading us into this tragic, unbelievable war, the violation of treaties, either international or our Constitution – our own domestic law, and then his role in heinous human rights abuses, I think all of that together calls for impeachment and certainly would communicate to the rest of the world that is not who we are as the American people.”

(Alexander Mooney, “Salt Lake City Mayor Calls For Bush’s Impeachment,”, 3/19/07)

Anderson:  “[W]hat the founders and those who engaged in the ratification debate had clearly in mind … is that these are political crimes.”

(Alexander Mooney, “Salt Lake City Mayor Calls For Bush’s Impeachment,”, 3/19/07)

Anderson Compared Those Standing Behind President Bush To Those Who Stood Behind Hitler.

“There are those who have said, ‘Stand behind our President, right or wrong.’ … Never has so much evil been perpetuated than from following that call. A culture of blind obedience is a culture of immorality. Nazi Germany was a society comprised of millions of people who did not question and who did not object. They followed. They followed blindly. … People were not gathering together to say ‘No more.’ Rather, they were calling out ‘Heil Hitler,’abdicating to political leaders the moral choices they each could have – and should have – made as individuals.”

(Mayor Rocky Anderson, Remarks In Salt Lake City, UT, 4/29/06)

Anderson Is “Key Spokesman” And Honorary Board Member For Pro-Gay Marriage Group Freedom To Marry.

“The Salt Lake City mayor recently accepted a post as a ‘key spokesman’ for a new pro-gay-marriagegroup called Freedom to Marry. Anderson’s duties as a member of the organization’s honorary board, known as‘Voices of Equality,’ include helping ‘end discrimination in civil marriage’ and eventually ‘influence the decisionmakers,’ according to a letter asking for his support.”

(Heather May, “Rocky Takes Gay Support National,”Salt Lake Tribune,1/23/04)

Anderson “Raised Rainbow Flag Over City Hall.”

“Rocky Anderson has been the grand marshal of a gay prideparade. He has raised the rainbow flag over City Hall and delivered rousing speeches about gay rights. Now, hehas gone national.”

(Heather May, “Rocky Takes Gay Support National,” Salt Lake Tribune, 1/23/04)

In 2002, Anderson Appeared In 30-Second Television Ad Endorsing Romney’s Campaign For Governor.

“Republican Mitt Romney’s latest television commercial in his race for governor of Massachusetts features an endorsement from a self-described ‘liberal Democrat’ – Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson. The former Olympic chief’s choice for the 30-second spot is curious, considering that the controversial Anderson is a virtual unknown in Massachusetts, a state where Democrats dominate politics like the GOP does in Utah.”

(Lisa Riley Roche, “Romney Uses Rocky’s Backing,” Deseret News, 10/15/02)

Anderson’s Ad: “Take It From This Liberal Democrat … If You Want An Amazing Leader, Vote For MittRomney.”

“In the commercial, Anderson introduces himself as a ‘proud Democrat.’ ‘People often say I’m a Massachusetts-type Democrat. To me, that’s a compliment.’ … Then the mayor, who still sports his former longer hairstyle in the commercial, asks viewers to ‘take it from this liberal Democrat. If you want an amazing leader, vote for Mitt Romney.’”

(Lisa Riley Roche, “Romney Uses Rocky’s Backing,”Deseret News, 10/15/02)

Romney Campaign Was “Extremely Pleased” With Anderson’s Endorsement And TV Ad.

“‘We’re extremely pleased that (Anderson) has crossed party lines to endorse Mitt’s candidacy for governor. People who know Mitt Romney and have worked with him know best what type of governor he will make for the people of Massachusetts,’ Fehrnstrom said.”

(Lisa Riley Roche, “Romney Uses Rocky’s Backing,”Deseret News, 10/15/02)

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