McCain’s Opposition Research – Part 41 & Part Last

Via or from BuzzFeed comes an opposition research file compiled by the McCain campaign in 2008.  The document is 194 pages long.  This post begins  at the  top of pg 184  and ends at the top of 194.

This is the last post in this series.  This task is complete.

I have bolded the first word in each entry for ease of reading.


 Romney Had “To Distance Himself” From Mankiw Following Mankiw’s Support For Immigration Bill.

“Mitt Romney is happy to get Greg Mankiw’s economic advice – except when it’s economic advice conflicting with immigration advice the Republican presidential contender has also received. Highlighting the challenge a far-flung campaign faces when it comes to message discipline, Romney has had to distance himself from his top economics adviser after Mankiw — a Princeton-trained economist now teaching at Harvard — voiced his support for an immigration bill Romney strongly opposes.”

(Glen Johnson, “Romney Finds Advisers Both Help And Hurt,” The Associated Press, 6/19/07)

Immigration Reform: Vin Weber  Vin Weber Is Policy Chairman For Romney’s Presidential Campaign.

(Romney For President, “Governor Mitt Romney Announces Vin Weber As Policy Chairman,” Press Release, 1/16/07)

Weber And Top Romney Advisor Cesar Conda Signed 2006 Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Arguing For “A Guest-Worker Program And Path To Citizenship For Undocumented Workers.”

“A number of Romney’s advisers have taken public positions that seem more in tune with his former stance [on immigration] than his current one. Former Minnesota Representative Vin Weber, a Washington lobbyist who is Romney’s policy chairman, and Cesar Conda, an economic adviser who was domestic policy chief for Vice President Dick Cheney,were among several Republicans to sign a July 2006 Wall Street Journal opinion article that called for a guest-worker program and path to citizenship for undocumented workers. Greg Mankiw, former chairman of Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers and another top Romney adviser, was responsible for the 2005 economic report of the president that made the case for open borders.”

(Heidi Przybyla, “Romney Shifts On Immigration, Sharpening Contrast With McCain,” Bloomberg, 3/29/07)

Op-Ed Signed By Weber And Conda In 2006 Argued That “The Only Practical Way To Deal With” The Tough Problem Of Immigration Is “A Comprehensive Solution.”

“Conservatives have always prided themselves on acknowledging, in the words of John Adams, that ‘Facts are stubborn things.’ Well, immigration –both the robust annual flow required to keep our economy growing and the 12 million illegal immigrants already in the country — is a fact of life in the U.S. today. And the only practical way to deal with these stubborn realities is with a comprehensive solution, one that includes border security, interior enforcement, a guest worker program and status for the illegal immigrants already here.”

(Jack Kemp et al, Op-Ed, “A Conservative Statement For Immigration Reform,” The Wall Street Journal, 7/10/06)

Op-Ed:  “The best way — the only way — to realize President Reagan’s vision is through comprehensive immigration reform legislation. We urge the House and Senate to work out their differences and meet the demand of the American people that we act on this critical issue in a comprehensive way.”

(Jack Kemp et al, Op-Ed, “A Conservative Statement For Immigration Reform,” The Wall Street Journal, 7/10/06)

Immigration Reform: Cesar Conda   Cesar Conda Is A Top Economic Advisor To Romney’s Presidential Campaign.

(Dan Balz and Zachary A. Goldfarb,“Economics Experts Join Romney’s PAC,” The Washington Post, 11/29/06)

Conda And Romney Campaign Policy Chairman Vin Weber Signed 2006  Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Arguing For “A Guest-Worker Program And Path To Citizenship For Undocumented Workers.”

“A number of Romney’s advisers have taken public positions that seem more in tune with his former stance [on immigration]than his current one. Former Minnesota Representative Vin Weber, a Washington lobbyist who is Romney’s policy chairman, and Cesar Conda, an economic adviser who was domestic policy chief for Vice President Dick Cheney, were among several Republicans to sign a July 2006 Wall Street Journal opinion article that called for a guest-worker program and path to citizenship for undocumented workers. Greg Mankiw, former chairman of Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers and another top Romney adviser, was responsible for the 2005 economic report of the president that made the case for open borders.”

(Heidi Przybyla, “Romney Shifts On Immigration, Sharpening Contrast With McCain,” Bloomberg, 3/29/07)

Op-Ed:  “The best way — the only way — to realize President Reagan’s vision is through comprehensive immigration reform legislation. We urge the House and Senate to work out their differences and meet the demand of the American people that we act on this critical issue in a comprehensive way.”

(Jack Kemp et al, Op-Ed, “A Conservative Statement For Immigration Reform,” The Wall Street Journal, 7/10/06)

Global Warming: Glenn Hubbard     Glenn Hubbard Is Co-Chair Of Romney Presidential Campaign’s Economic Advisory Council.

(Romney ForPresident,Press Release, 3/7/07)

In May 2007, Hubbard Wrote Op-Ed In Wall Street Journal Supporting Emissions Trading Program ToCombat Global Warming.

“The case for action to combat global climate change has grown increasingly compelling in recent years. Sadly the same can not be said for specific proposals to address the problem.  Ideas grounded in sound science and good economics have been lacking.  One recent change is a proposal to balance a need for policy action with a mechanism for prudent economic risk management.  I refer to new recommendations by the National Commission on Energy Policy for an emissions trading program that safeguards the economy. This is the idea behind proposed legislation by Sens. Jeff Bingaman (D., N.M.) and Arlen Specter (R., Pa.) … Despite this uncertainty, most serious students of climate change believe that thelikelihood of adverse climate change is sufficiently great to warrant action. … The NCEP proposal meets this test of taking serious action while not imposing economic risks greater than the threat of climate change itself. It comprehensively addresses all U.S. emission of CO2 and other climate change-related gases. It does this using one system: tradable permits. In such a system, the use of coal, oil and natural gas will require permits in proportion to their CO2 emissions, typically sold along with the fuel — so individuals need not deal with the permit market. … A serious response to climate change must begin by turning our emissions downward without betting the bank. The NCEP proposal does both, and its commitment to measured policy responses adds a breath of economic fresh air.”

(R. Glenn Hubbard, Op-Ed, “Capitalism Against Climate Change,” The Wall Street Journal, 5/31/07)

Abortion: James Bopp      James Bopp Is Special Adviser On Life Issues To Romney’s Presidential Campaign.

(Romney For President,“Governor Mitt Romney Announces Support Of James Bopp, Jr.,” Press Release, 1/30/07)

Bopp Is “Really Not Sure” Where Abortion Fits On Romney’s Agenda, Noting “He’s Still On A Journey.”

“Will any of these candidates really advocate to end abortion, or are they just paying lip service on an important issue to the base? … ‘I don’t know yet about Romney,’ [Romney advisory James] Bopp admits. ‘I’m not really sure where [abortion] will ultimately fit in his agenda. He’s still on a journey.’”

(Jonathan Martin, “Abortion Wars (Cont.),” Politico,, 2/21/07)

Social Issues: Kerry Healey        Healey Serves As Senior Advisor To Romney’s Presidential Campaign.

“Six months after they quietly left office together, former Gov. Mitt Romney and Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey are back on the same team. Healey has joined Romney’s presidential committee as a senior adviser and will travel across the country stumping for the ex-governor in his battle for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination.”

(Dave Wedge, “Healey Joins Romney Team To Stump On Campaign Trail,” Boston Herald, 6/15/07)

Healey Participated In Romney’s Debate Prep For June 5 New Hampshire Debate, Is Pictured In Wolfeboro With Romney And Other Top Advisors.

(Romney For President Website,,6/5/07)

Healey Described As “A Liberal On Social Issues.”

“Ms. Healey will run as a liberal on social issues (though she may not be caught using that nowadays-incendiary word) and a conservative on fiscal issues.”

(Editorial, “Healey In The Running,” The Providence Journal, 2/18/06)

Healey: “I Have Been Very Clear From The Very Beginning Of My Career, And Honestly Throughout My Life, I Am Extremely Pro-Choice.”

“Romney, who believes Roe v. Wade should be reversed to leave the issue to states to decide, said through a spokeswoman Tuesday that he would sign a South Dakota bill banning abortion, even in cases of rape or incest, if he were governor there. … ‘I have been very clear from the very beginning of my career, and honestly throughout my life, I am extremely pro-choice,’ Healey said after a Massachusetts Biotech Council forum … When asked if Romney’s comments were disturbing, Healey said, ‘of course, but what I am saying is if I were governor I would not have that opinion.’”

(Kimberly Atkins, “Healey Way Left Of Mitt’s Abort Ban,” Boston Herald, 3/2/06)

Healey: “I’m Deeply Committed To Solving Underlying Social Problems Through Government.”

“[Healey] describes herself as a fiscal conservative and social moderate. ‘I’m deeply committed to solving underlying social problems through government,’ she said.”

(John J. Monahan, “Top Gov. Candidates: Who They Are, What They Say,” Sunday Telegram[Worcester, MA], 10/29/06)

As Lieutenant Governor, Healey Made Point Of Noting Her Support For Expanded Access To Morning-After Pill, Civil Unions For Gay Couples And Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

“In July 2005, when Romney vetoed a bill expanding access to emergency contraception, Healey said she favored the legislation and had urged the governor to sign it into law. (The legislature later overrode Romney’s veto.) In September 2005, Healeysaid that although she opposes marriage for gays and lesbians, she backs civil unions – unlike Romney, who’sagainst both. And in February, before a Massachusetts Biotechnology Council forum in Cambridge, the Healeycampaign issued a statement noting that the LG supports embryonic stem-cell research; in 2005, Romney vetoed(unsuccessfully) a bill aimed at bolstering such research.”

(Adam Reilly, “Hard Sell,”

The Phoenix

[Boston, MA], 3/10/06)

Healey Criticized Catholic Charities For Seeking Exemption From Gay Adoption Mandate.

“Healey’s moderate stylings reached new heights last week. When Romney indicated, through a spokeswoman, that he would have signed South Dakota’s new abortion ban – which allows for exception only to save a woman’s life – Healey termed herself ‘extremely pro-choice.’ Then, for good measure, she rapped Catholic Charities’ push for permission to cease working with would-be adoptive parents who are gay and lesbian: such an exemption, she said, would almost certainly be illegal.”

(Adam Reilly, “Hard Sell,” The Phoenix[Boston, MA], 3/10/06)

Healey Backed State Law Requiring Catholic Charities To Consider Gay Couples As Adoptive Parents,Saying Institution Had To “Abide By The Laws Of This State.”

“In another break with her boss, Lt. Gov.Kerry Healey said Thursday she wouldn’t support any legislation to exempt Catholic social services agencies from a law requiring them to consider gays as adoptive parents. … She said she wouldn’t lobby for an exemption for the church or support any legislation that provides it. ‘I believe that any institution that wants to provide services that are regulated by the state has to abide by the laws of this state, and our anti-discrimination laws are some of the most important,’ Healey said.”

(Jay Lindsay, “Healey Breaks With Romney On Gay Adoption Exemption,” The Associated Press, 3/2/06)

Healey Warned Exempting Catholic Group Would Threaten One Of “The Most Important Principles Of Our Society … The Issue Really Is The Proper Division Between Church And State.”

“[T]he lieutenant governor warned that giving Catholic Charities an exemption from the state’s anti-discrimination law when it comes to placing adoptive children with gay parents threatens one of  ‘the most important principles of our society.’ ‘The issue really is the proper division between church and state,’ Healey said.”

(Steve LeBlanc, “Healey Jettisons Romney Legacy On Social Issues,” The Associated Press, 3/17/06)


In 2006, Healey “Distanced Herself” From Romney’s New-Found Conservatism And Appeared At Abortion-Rights Gathering After Accepting State Party Endorsement For Governor.

“Romney, whose reception by the crowd was muted compared with the rousing reception he got at the 2002 convention, called on activists to rally behind Healey. He described himself as ‘personally pro life’ last year, while Healey has distanced herself from his conservative stances and his style of governing. She appeared at a GOP abortion-rights gathering yesterday after the convention.”

(Frank Phillips and Scott Helman, “I Ask You To Stand With Us In This Election,” The Boston Globe, 4/30/06)

Healey Was Not A Registered Republican Until Deciding To Seek Her First State Office In 1998.

“[Healey]lived in Beverly three years before deciding to take a run for state representative in 1998. She switched from an un enrolled voter to the Republican Party to challenge a Democratic incumbent and lifelong resident of the town. She lost badly, with 30 percent of the vote, but tried again in 2000, losing with 36 percent.”

(John J. Monahan, “Top Gov. Candidates: Who They Are, What They Say,” Sunday Telegram[Worcester, MA], 10/29/06)

Healey Disagreed With Romney’s Decision To Veto Measure Requiring $75 Registration Fee For Sex Offenders And Subsequent Veto Of $750,000 Toward Reducing Sex Offender Classification Backlog.

“[Healey] said she disagreed with Romney’s decision in 2003 to veto a $75 fee that would have been imposed on convicted sex offenders. She also said she disagreed with another veto to spend $750,000 collected from the fees to reduce a backlog of sex offenders waiting at the time to be classified by the state. The Legislature overrode those vetoes. … ‘No, I did not,’ Healey said when asked if she supported Romney’s vetoes.”

(Glen Johnson, “Healey Signs Sex Crimes Statute Extension Into Law,” The Associated Press, 9/21/06)

Healey “Declined To Endorse” Romney’s Claim On How Much He Raised Fees As Governor.

“[Healey]called Patrick’s charge that the Romney-Healey administration raised taxes and fees by $985 million ‘ridiculous,’ although she declined to endorse a $260 million figure cited Tuesday by Gov. Mitt Romney.”

(Casey Ross, “Gov Rivals Spar Over Taxing Topic,” Boston Herald, 9/28/06)

Social Issues: Bill Weld    Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld “Has Emerged As A Major Backer Of Mitt Romney,” Serves As Campaign’s New York State Co-Chair.

“Former Massachusetts governor William F. Weld has emerged as a major backer of Mitt Romney, despite a long friendship with Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former New York City mayor who is a potential Romney rival in the race for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. … Weld is cochairman of Romney’s campaign in New York state.”

(Brian C. Mooney, “Weld Backs Romney For Oval Office,” The Boston Globe, 1/9/07)

Weld Participated In Romney’s Debate Prep For June 5 New Hampshire Debate, Is Pictured In Wolfeboro With Romney And Top Advisors.

(Romney For President Website,, 6/5/07)

Weld Strongly Opposed Putting Gay Marriage Ban On Massachusetts Ballot In 2008, Calling It A “Distraction.”

“Former Gov. William F. Weld … said Tuesday he hoped legislators would vote this week to kill a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Massachusetts. Weld, in the Statehouse on behalf of Lehman Brothers, an investment banking firm, said: ‘I hope it doesn’t go on the ballot.’ He said if a constitutional convention votes Thursday to allow the measure on the November 2008 ballot, ‘I think it’s going to be a distraction for the next 18 months.’ Weld was an avid supporter of gay rights while serving as governor from1991 to 1997, and he later attended the wedding of his former chief of staff, Kevin Smith, who is gay.”

(“Former Governor Weld Says He Hopes Gay Marriage Ban Defeated,” The Associated Press, 6/12/07)

Weld “Supports Abortion Rights And Gay Marriage.”

(Michael Gormley, “Weld Drops Out Of New York Governor’s Race,” The Associated Press, 6/6/06)

In June 2007, Weld Lobbied GOP State Legislator Against Amendment Allowing Voters To Decide On Gay Marriage In State.

“With the Constitutional Convention just hours away, a proposal to allow voters to decide the future of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts was hanging by a thread in the Legislature last night. … Some unexpected movement could come in the Senate, where an overwhelming majority, 32 of 40 members, voted last year to block the amendment from the ballot. Two more senators, Democrat Michael Morrissey of Quincy and Republican Robert Hedlund of Weymouth, are now saying they are reconsidering and may oppose sending the amendment to the voters. … Some of the state’s major political figures have joined with Patrick, DiMasi, and Murray. US Senator Edward M. Kennedy has placed calls to Democratic legislators. Former governor William F.Weld, a Republican who was an early advocate of gay rights, also reached out to at least one GOP lawmaker, placing a call to Hedlund.”

(Frank Phillips, “Tight Vote Looms On Same-Sex Marriage Lobbying Intense On Both Sides,”The Boston Globe, 6/14/07)

Weld Appointed Judge Who Wrote Opinion Legalizing Gay Marriage In Massachusetts, Said He Was“Proud And Happy” With Her Stand On Gay Marriage.

“Weld said he was ‘proud and happy’ Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Margaret Marshall, whom he appointed, took a stand backing gay marriage so ‘we could all be here today.’”

(Ann E. Donlan, “GOP: Gay Old Party,” The Boston Herald, 6/23/04)

Weld Endorsed Court’s Gay Marriage Decision, Later Officiated At Same-Sex Wedding.

“In 2003, shortly after the state Supreme Judicial Court delivered the ruling that led to the practice of gay marriage here, Weld endorsed the decision, and later officiated at a same-sex marriage.”

(Statehouse News Service, 6/12/07)

In 1994 Senate Race, Romney Was Described As A Virtual Clone Of Weld.

“If anyone is more like Bill Weld  than Mitt Romney, it is not for lack of effort on Romney’s part. … Ask Weld where he stands on taxes, on capital punishment, on welfare reform, on abortion, on gay rights, on the role of government, on term limits. The answer she gives will save you a call to Romney headquarters, for the GOP Senate nominee mirrors Weld right down the line.”

(Don Aucoin, “Seeking Star Power Of His Own, Romney Teams Up With Weld,” The Boston Globe, 10/21/94)

Romney’s Deference To Weld’s Positions “Verg[ed] On The Comical.”

“At times Romney’s deference to Weld verges on the comical, as when he recently answered a question on gay marriage by saying: ‘I am sure Weld will study it and evaluate it and I will endorse his position on that.’”

(Don Aucoin, “Seeking Star Power Of His Own, Romney Teams Up With Weld,”The Boston Globe, 10/21/94)

ABORTION: Jennifer Dunn    Romney Has Named Former Rep. Jennifer Dunn (R-WA) To Top Advisory Role On His Presidential Campaign.

“Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced that former Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn (R-WA) will serve as a National Co-Chair of Women for Mitt. Congresswoman Dunn will help organize the National Women for Mitt effort and spread Governor Romney’s message of strong conservative leadership. She will also serve as Washington State Honorary Finance Chair.”

(Romney For President, Inc., Press Release, 6/26/07)

Romney: Dunn Has “Deep Understanding Of The Important Issues Of Our Day.”

ROMNEY: “For twelveyears, Congresswoman Dunn served the people of her district by championing the cause of a stronger America. I am confident that her deep understanding of the important issues of our day will provide an invaluable service to my campaign and help spread my message across Washington state and the country.”

(Romney For President, Inc., Press Release, 6/26/07)

Dunn Has Faced Past Scrutiny From Conservatives For Being Pro-Choice.

“Republicans will try to bridge conflicts among personalities, ideologies and competing interest groups when they assemble Nov. 18 to elect their new House leadership team in the post-Gingrich era. … Rep. Jennifer Dunn of Washington state faces opposition from some GOP conservatives because she is pro-choice on abortion.”

(Ralph Z. Hallow, “GOP Leadership Candidates Represent Array Of Interests,” The Washington Times, 11/9/98)

Dunn Claimed “Labels” Such As Pro-Choice Or Pro-Life Are Part Of The “Problem” In Abortion Debate.

CNN’s ROBERT NOVAK: “Most people are either – call themselves either pro-choice for pro-life. Which are you?”

DUNN: “Well I think those labels are half the problem in our discussion of a tough issue like this. I’m a libertarian and that just means government shouldn’t get in on either side in this issue. I don’t think we shouldn’t [sic] spend people’s taxpayer money to pay for abortions. You can leave that to groups Planned Parenthood, private groups.”

(CNN’s “Evans, Novak, Hunt & Shields,” 11/14/98)

In 2001, Dunn “Emerged As One Of The Leaders” In Effort To Convince President Bush To Allow Federal Funding For Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

“Washington Rep. Jennifer Dunn, a Republican conservative with close ties to President Bush, has emerged as one of the leaders in the effort to convince the White House to allow continued federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. … Dunn declined Wednesday to talk about her support for the research. But she spearheaded a letter to Bush signed by 37 other Republican House members …urging the president not to ban federal funding. ‘We know there is great pressure from some to change the current policy,’ the letter said. ‘But we truly believe that such a change would not be in the interests of the health and welfare of the people we represent.’”

(Les Blumenthal, “Dunn Lobbies White House To Continue Stem Cell Research Funding,” Scripps Howard News Service, 7/11/01)

In Addition To Lobbying The President, Dunn Also Spoke With Then-HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson And Adviser Karl Rove About Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

“Dunn has also talked with the secretary of health and human services, Tommy Thompson, and presidential adviser Karl Rove about funding for the research. … Tom Alexander, a Dunn spokesman, said the congresswoman didn’t want to discuss the issue and declined to release a copy of the letter, which was obtained elsewhere by McClatchy Newspapers. ‘The letter was intended to be private correspondence between her, her colleagues and the president,’ Alexander said. ‘She has been on record supporting this research that could help millions of Americans.’”

(Les Blumenthal, “Dunn Lobbies White House To Continue Stem Cell Research Funding,” Scripps Howard News Service, 7/11/01)

Pro-Life Advocate: Dunn “Disappoints The Pro-Life Movement And Always Has.”

“‘We’re not surprised,’Dan Kennedy, the chief executive officer of Human Life of Washington, said of Dunn’s support for embryonic stem cell research. ‘Jennifer Dunn has a lot of good qualities, but she disappoints the pro-life movement and always has.’”

(Les Blumenthal, “Dunn Lobbies White House To Continue Stem Cell Research Funding,” Scripps Howard News Service, 7/11/01)


Romney’s Fundraising Ability Led Him To Be Selected To RGA Leadership In 2004, Assumed Chairmanship For 2006 Cycle Romney’s Fundraising Prowess Reportedly Led To His Selection As RGA Vice Chairman In 2004, “Putting Him In Line To Head The Politically Influential Organization As He Weighs Whether To Run For President In 2008.”

“Governor Mitt Romney is expected to be chosen vice chairman of the Republican GovernorsAssociation this week, putting him in line to head the politically influential organization as he weighs whether to run for president in 2008, GOP strategists said yesterday. Romney, who has helped the organization raise morethan $1 million from Massachusetts corporations, would be in a position to become chairman of the association in 2006, offering him access to a national network of governors and Republican-leaning donors. … [S]everal GOP strategists pointed out that Romney has helped raise money for it. Romney cochaired a fund-raiser for the grou pon Feb. 23 in Washington that featured President Bush. He also hosted a fund-raiser in Boston in fall 2003.  Massachusetts corporations and companies with a major presence in the Bay State have stepped up their donations to the governors’ association significantly since Romney was elected in 2003, campaign finance records show.  Donors include Mass Mutual Financial Group, which has given more than $300,000 over the last two years, and Fidelity Investments, which contributed $185,000.”

(Frank Phillips and Yvonne Abraham, “GOP Governors Eye Romney For Post,” The Boston Globe, 11/16/04)

Romney Used RGA To Expand His Donor Base And Collect Presidential Chits  Romney Endured Criticism Throughout 2006 Election Season For Using RGA Chairmanship To Advance His Own Presidential Ambitions.

“As chairman of the Republican Governors Association, Mitt Romney has directed the organization’s largest contributions to candidates in three states that are key to any presidential run, enhancing his exposure in politically important precincts as he prepares for a 2008 run for president. The heavy investment in those three states — Florida, Michigan, and Iowa — underscores the extent to which Romney is using the governors’ association to build his presidential résumé. Romney is traveling the nation under the auspices of the association and getting to know the deep-pocketed donors who play crucial roles in presidential candidacies.”

(Rick Klein, “Romney Directs GOP Cash To Campaign States,” The Boston Globe, 10/1/06)

Romney’s Decision To Spend Millions Of RGA’s Money Under Strategically Questionable Circumstances In Florida, Michigan And Iowa “Raised Eyebrows In Political Circles”  Romney Donated $1 Million To Charlie Crist (R-FL), Even Though Crist Held A 3–1 Cash Lead Over His Opponent.

“[S]ome of the choices of where to send the association’s money have raised eyebrows in political circles. Two weeks ago, Romney traveled to Florida to deliver a $1 million check to Republican gubernatorial nominee Charlie Crist, even though polls have shown Crist holding a steady lead. Even without the governors’ association’s contribution, Crist had nearly tripled the fund-raising kitty of his opponent, Democrat Jim Davis, suggesting the association’s money might be better spent in other contests.”

(Rick Klein, “Romney Directs GOP Cash To Campaign States,” The Boston Globe, 10/1/06)

Romney Donated $1 Million To Dick DeVos (R-MI), Who Had Already Given $16 Million To His Own Campaign.

“Also getting $1 million is Dick DeVos, who is running for governor in Michigan, a closely divided state that holds early presidential primaries — and where Romney’s father served as governor. Though DeVos’s race against Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm is tight, DeVos is hardly strapped for cash, since he has already pumped more than $16 million of his Amway fortune into the race.”

(Rick Klein, “Romney Directs GOP Cash To Campaign States,” The Boston Globe, 10/1/06)

Cook Political Report’s Jennifer Duffy:

“We laughed at the Michigan money … It’s like Romney’s thirdhome state, after Utah and Massachusetts.”

(Rick Klein, “Romney Directs GOP Cash To Campaign States,” The Boston Globe, 10/1/06)

Romney Gave An Unusually Large Donation Of $750,000 To Jim Nussle (R-IA).

“Romney is directing about$750,000 to Iowa, where Representative Jim Nussle, the chairman of the House budget committee, is locked in acampaign that’s widely considered a toss-up. While the tightness of the election makes the state a good target forgovernors’ association money, the donation is noteworthy for its size, given that Iowa is a sparsely populatedstate with low advertising costs.”

(Rick Klein, “Romney Directs GOP Cash To Campaign States,” The Boston Globe, 10/1/06)


Jason Roe, Romney Deputy Campaign Manager And Former Chief Of  Staff To Rep. Tom Feeney,“Resigned Abruptly” Amid Disclosure Of Abramoff Ties   Jason Roe, Former Feeney Chief Of Staff, “Resigned Abruptly” From Position As Romney Deputy Campaign Manager After FBI Inquiries Into Abramoff Ties.

“The document the FBI has requested from the Times is an e-mail from Feeney’s former chief of staff, Jason Roe, who was answering questions about the Scotland trip last year. Roe resigned abruptly Tuesday from his new job as deputy campaign manager for presidential candidate Mitt Romney.”

(Anita Kumar, “Cost Hidden For Feeney Trip,” St. Petersburg Times, 4/25/07

Roe “Functioned As The Campaign’s Top Daily Operating Officer.”

“Ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney’s deputy campaign manager has resigned, a Romney aide confirmed to the Hotline Tuesday. Jason Roe, who functioned as the campaign’s top daily operating officer, told campaign officials today that he planned to leave.”

(Marc Ambinder,” National’s Journal’s Hotline “On Call” Blog, “Romney’s Deputy Campaign Manager Resigns, ”, 4/24/07)

FBI Contacted Newspaper Inquiring About Roe’s Role In Abramoff Scandal.

“The FBI contacted the Times last week to ask for the February 2006 email that Feeney’s then chief of staff Jason Roe wrote to the newspaper in response to a series of questions about interactions between Feeney and Abramoff. The Times has referred the FBI’s request to its attorney.”

(Anita Kumar, “Feeney’s Office Said The Congressman Is Cooperating Voluntarily,” St. Petersburg Times, 4/23/07)

In 2005, “Roe Vehemently Denied Any Improper Relationship With Abramoff.”

“‘Any assertion that this office knew Abramoff paid for the Scotland trip is a g–d—– lie,’ Roe wrote in the email being sought by the FBI. The email was quoted in a newspaper article last year. In last year’s email, Roe vehemently denied any improper relationship with Abramoff as a result of the trip.”

(Anita Kumar, “Feeney’s Office Said The Congressman Is Cooperating Voluntarily,” St. Petersburg Times, 4/23/07)

Rep. Tom Feeney, Traveled On Controversial Scottish Golf Vacation With Abramoff, Contacted By FBI About Role Rep. Tom Feeney Serves On Romney’s “Congressional Whip Team.”

(Romney For President, “Governor Mitt RomneyAnnounces Congressional Whip Team,” Press Release, 2/6/07)

Rep. Feeney Took 2003 Scottish Golf Vacation Funded By Abramoff, Disclosed Only $5,000 Of $20,000 In Expenses.

“Lobbyist Jack Abramoff treated Rep. Tom Feeney and others to a Scotland trip in 2003 that began with a trans-Atlantic flight on a private jet and featured twice-daily golf at world-famous locales. New court documents released Tuesday show Abramoff’s expenses for the luxury trip averaged about $20,000 per person for each of the eight people who went, not the $5,000 Feeney estimated in the travel report he filed in Congress.”

(Anita Kumar, “Cost Hidden For Feeney Trip,” St. Petersburg Times, 4/25/07)

Feeney Disclosure Filing Mirrored Congressional Aide Who Pled Guilty To Conspiracy.

“A guilty plea entered Tuesday by former congressional aide Mark Zachares revealed new details about the extravagant four-day trip that illustrated the influential reign of Abramoff, now in prison for defrauding clients.  Zachares pleaded guilty to conspiracy and admitted in documents, among other things, that the travel report he filed upon returning from Scotland was filled with lies that were coordinated by Abramoff.  Zachares had said the trip was paid for by a conservative think tank, the National Center for Public Policy Research, that it had cost $5,643 and that the purpose was fact finding. All three were lies, according to the documents. Feeney, 48, an Orlando-area Republican who has been contacted by the FBI as part of the Abramoff investigation, reported precisely the same details in his travel report on the Scotland trip.”

(Anita Kumar, “Cost Hidden For Feeney Trip,” St.Petersburg Times, 4/25/07)

FBI Contacted Feeney About Role In Abramoff Investigation, Requested Documents From Local Newspaper.

“The FBI has asked U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney for information about his dealings with Jack Abramoff aspart of its ongoing investigation into the lobbyist convicted of defrauding clients. FBI agent Kevin Luebke refused to say whether Feeney, a Republican from the Orlando area, is under federal investigation. Federal agents alsohave asked the St. Petersburg Times for an email sent to the newspaper by Feeney’s office describing a golfing trip the congressman took with Abramoff to Scotland in 2003.”

(Anita Kumar, “Feeney’s Office Said The Congressman Is Cooperating Voluntarily,” St. Petersburg Times, 4/23/07)

“Feeney’s Office Released A Statement To The St. Petersburg Times On Monday Acknowledging ThatHe Has Been Contacted By The FBI In The Inquiry.”

(Anita Kumar, “Cost Hidden For Feeney Trip,” St. Petersburg Times, 4/25/07)

“The Documents Filed In U.S. District Court In Washington Refer To Feeney, The Only Current Member Of Congress To Have Gone On The Four-Day Trip, As ‘Representative #3.’”

(Anita Kumar, “Cost Hidden For Feeney Trip,” St. Petersburg Times, 4/25/07)

Three Congressmen Took Abramoff  Golfing Trip: Feeney, Former Rep. Tom DeLay, And Former Rep. Bob Ney, Now Serving Jail Time For Abramoff  Related Corruption.

“Feeney, once the speaker of the Florida House, is one of three men who were U.S. House members when they accompanied Abramoff to Scotland on trips that included rounds of golf at the legendary Royal & Ancient Golf Club at St. Andrews. The others are former Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, who is serving prison time for corruption related to his Abramoff relationship, and former House Republican Leader Tom DeLay, indicted in an unrelated Texas case for alleged improper fundraising, is under investigation.”

(Anita Kumar, “Cost Hidden For Feeney Trip,” St. Petersburg Times,4/25/07)

Rep. Dennis Hastert, Under Scrutiny For Ties To Abramoff,    Criticized For “Insufficient Attention” To Corruption In Congress  Rep. Dennis Hastert Serves On Romney’s “Congressional Whip Team.”

(Romney For President, “Governor MittRomney Announces Congressional Whip Team,” Press Release, 2/6/07)

Hastert Held Fundraiser At Abramoff’s Restaurant One Week Before Writing Letter For His Clients.

“House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., held a fundraiser at Abramoff’s Signatures restaurant in Washington on June 3, 2003, that collected at least $21,500 for Hastert’s Keep Our Majority political action committee from the lobbyist’s firm and tribal clients.  Seven days later, Hastert wrote Norton urging her to reject the Jena tribe of Choctaw Indians’ request for a new casino.”

(John Solomon, “Lawmakers Pressured Interior While Getting Large Donations,” The Associated Press, 11/18/05)

“Hastert Failed For Two Years To Disclose His Use Of Abramoff’s Restaurant The Week Before His Letter Or To Reimburse For It As Legally Required.  Hastert Blames A Paperwork Oversight And Recently Corrected It.”

(John Solomon, “Lawmakers Pressured Interior While Getting Large Donations,” The Associated Press,11/18/05)

“Hastert Was Criticized For Insufficient Attention To Ethical Lapses That Eventually Embroiled The Party In A Series Of Corruption Scandals And Helped Turn Voters Against Republicans.”

(Mike Dorning and Christi Parsons, ‘Accidental Speaker’ Calls It Quits,’ Chicago Tribune, 11/9/06)

Hastert Presided Over Fall Of Reps. Cunningham And Ney.

“On Hastert’s watch, [former Rep. Duke]Cunningham pleaded guilty to accepting millions in bribes from government contractors and [former Rep.Bob] Ney agreed to plead guilty to corruption in the influence-peddling case involving Abramoff.”

(Bob Dart,   “Scandal Makes Hastert Newly Vulnerable,” Cox News, 10/8/06)

Hastert Failed To Come Down On Rep. DeLay Amid Ethical Scandals.

“[Hastert] dismissed the House Ethics Committee chairman after it admonished then-Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) and hesitated to press for DeLay’s resignation after the Texan became embroiled in the Jack Abramoff lobbying corruption scandal.”

(Mike Dorning and Christi Parsons, ‘Accidental Speaker’ Calls It Quits,’ Chicago Tribune, 11/9/06)

House Ethics Committee “Harshly Criticized” Hastert For Role In Foley Scandal.

“The [Ethics Committee report on the Foley Scandal] harshly criticized Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., saying the evidence showed he was told of the problem months before he acknowledged learning of Foley’s questionable e-mails to a former Louisiana page. It rejected Hastert’s contention that he couldn’t recall separate warnings from two House Republican leaders.”

(Larry Margasak, “Panel Blasts Hastert In Foley Scandal,” The Associated Press, 12/9/06)

“[I]nvestigators Said Evidence Supports The Conclusion That Hastert’s Top Aide Had Been Told About Foley’s Conduct In Late 2002 Or Early 2003.”

(Larry Margasak, “Foley Panel: GOP Didn’t Protect Pages,” The Associated Press, 12/9/06)

Ethics Committee Report:

“The Investigative Subcommittee finds a significant number of instances where members (of Congress), officers or employees fails to exercise appropriate diligence and oversight, or should have exercised greater diligence and oversight, regarding issues arising from the interaction between former Rep. Mark Foley and current or former House pages.”

(Larry Margasak, “Foley Panel: GOP Didn’t Protect Pages,” The Associated Press, 12/9/06)

 Grover Norquist Tied To Jack Abramoff Scandal For Laundering Indian Tribe Funds Through Organization Grover Norquist “Signaled Approval Of Romney By Introducing Him” At CPAC.

“Grover Norquist, presidentof Americans for Tax Reform, has not endorsed a candidate, but he signaled approval of Romney by introducing him at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington last month.”

(Molly Hennessey-Fiske, “GOP Candidates Face Litmus Test: Tax Cuts,” Los Angeles Times, 4/9/07)

Norquist’s Americans For Tax Reform Used As “Conduit” For Funds From Abramoff’s Clients To “Surreptitiously Finance Grass-Roots Lobbying Campaigns.”

“Among the organizations used by Abramoff was Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform.  According to an investigative report on Abramoff’s lobbying released last week by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, Americans for Tax Reform served as a ‘conduit’ for funds that flowed from Abramoff’s clients to surreptitiously finance grass-roots lobbying campaigns. As the money passed through, Norquist’s organization kept a small cut, e-mails show.”

(Susan Schmidt and James V. Grimaldi, “Nonprofit Groups Funneled Money For Abramoff,” The Washington Post, 6/25/06)

Norquist And Staff Advocated For Abramoff Clients In Public Without Disclosing Encouragement From Abramoff.

“The e-mails also show that Norquist and his staff — along with the leaders of other groups — were encouraged to submit newspaper pieces and news releases, which Abramoff offered to draft, advocating for Abramoff clients. ,,, Abramoff e-mails show him encouraging Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform and other organizations to become active on behalf of his client. In 2000, the Washington Times published a Norquist op-ed piece touting Channel One.”

(Tom Hamburger, “Abramoff Ties May Jeopardize Nonprofits’ Tax Status,” Los Angeles Times, 10/13/06)

“[Abramoff Used] Americans For Tax Reform To Hide The Fact That Indian Tribes With Gambling Casinos Were The Source Of Funds For Campaigns Opposing State Gambling Enterprises.”

(TomHamburger, “Abramoff Ties May Jeopardize Nonprofits’ Tax Status,” Los Angeles Times, 10/13/06)

Barbara Comstock Defended Scooter Libby, Tom DeLay, Jerry Lewis In Corruption Cases“An Adviser To Romney’s Political Action Committee, Barbara Comstock …”

(Glen Johnson, “Conservatives Say Massachusetts Governor Needs To Explain Record On Gay Rights,” The Associated Press, 12/13/06)

Comstock  Serves As Rep. Jerry Lewis’ Spokeswoman For Investigation And Lewis Paid Her Firm Nearly $20,000.

“In the division of legal labor for Lewis, Comstock – whose firm has received nearly $20,000 for her work – serves as the spokeswoman for questions related to the probe. The lead attorney from Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher is Robert Bonner, a former U.S. attorney from Los Angeles, the office leading the Lewis investigation.”

(Paul Kane, “Lewis’ Legal Bills Soar Past $800 K,” Roll Call, 10/31/06)

Federal Investigators Looking Into Lewis Securing Earmarks For Clients Of Lobbyist Friend WhileAccepting Their Campaign Contributions.

“Federal investigators are examining Lewis’ association withlobbyists who have secured millions of dollars in congressional earmarks for their clients. Lobbyists and theirclients have contributed heavily to Lewis’ political war chests, records show. Lewis has denied anywrongdoing. But the investigation is taking a toll on his campaign treasury.”

(Richard Simon, “Legal Fees Are Drain On Lewis’ War Chest,” Los Angeles Times, 10/18/06)

Lewis Being Investigated For Steering Earmarks To Clients Of Former Rep. Bill Lowery’s (R-CA) Lobbying Firm.

“All told, Lewis has spent fully two-thirds of the $1.2 million raised by his campaigncommittee in the 2006 election cycle on legal bills related to the investigation into his relationship with ex-Rep. Bill Lowery (R-Calif.), a close friend who founded a now-defunct lobbying firm that specialized in obtaining earmarks from the Appropriations subcommittee on Defense while Lewis chaired that panel, as well as earning grants for local municipalities in and around Lewis’ district.”

(Paul Kane, “Lewis’ Legal Bills Soar Past $800 K,” Roll Call, 10/31/06)

No Charges Have Been Filed, But In May 2006 FBI Issued Subpoenas Seeking Documents From Lobbying Firm Clients.

“Lewis faces scrutiny as part of a wide-ranging federal investigation into a Washington, D.C., lobbying firm and the use of congressional earmarks, special funding projects that lawmakers insert into legislation. In May, a federal grand jury subpoenaed documents from several Inland cities and counties about their decision to hire the lobbying firm formerly known as Copeland, Lowery, Jacquez, Denton & White and its relationship with Lewis. Lewis has not been accused of any wrongdoing, and no charges have been filed as part of the investigation.”

(Duane W. Gang, “Democrat Hints At Try For Rep. Lewis’ Seat,” The [Riverside, CA]Press Enterprise, 3/1/07)

In Mid-May 2006, FBI Examined Lewis’ Financial Disclosure Statements.

“[T]he FBI has examined the financial disclosure statements of Lewis, his wife, one current staffer and one former staffer. But those subpoenas were issued in the spring and the financial records were examined in mid-May, pushing the investigation out of the spotlight in the months since.”

(Paul Kane, “Lewis’ Legal Bills Soar Past $800 K,” Roll Call, 10/31/06)

Barbara Comstock Represented Scooter Libby.

“Comstock, a lobbyist at the Blank Rome Government Relations firm, represents indicted ex-veep Chief of Staff Scooter Libby …”

Roll Call,1/9/06)

Libby Convicted Of Multiple Felonies.

“I. Lewis Libby Jr., the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, was convicted today of lying to a grand jury and to F.B.I. agents investigating the leak of the identity of a C.I.A. operative in the summer of 2003 amid a fierce public dispute over the war in Iraq. Mr. Libby, 56,who once wielded great authority at the top levels of government, is the highest-ranking White House official to be convicted of a felony since the Iran-Contra scandals of the 1980s.”

(Neil A. Lewis, “Libby Guilty Of Lying In C.I.A. Leak Case,” The New York Times, 3/6/07)

Barbara Comstock Represented Former Rep. Tom DeLay.

“Comstock, a lobbyist at the Blank Rome Government Relations firm, represents … DeLay, who’s already been indicted in Texas and is treading choppy waters in the Congressional bribery scandal.”

(Mary Ann Akers, “Heard On The Hill,” Roll Call, 1/9/06)

DeLay Resigned Amid Federal Criminal Investigation And Indictment In Texas On Money Laundering Charges.

“The pending resignation of former House majority leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), once one of the most powerful lawmakers in Washington, comes amid a federal criminal investigation that already has reached into his inner circle of longtime advisers. DeLay faces a trial later this year on money-laundering charges in Texas that stems from an October 2005 indictment related to corporate contributions to state elections in 2001 and 2002. Since then, two former aides and one of his most prominent contributors have pleaded guilty in a separate federal probe to crimes including conspiracy; wire, tax and mail fraud; and corruption of public officials.”

(R. Jeffrey Smith, “Federal Probe Has Edged Closer To Texan,” The Washington Post, 4/4/06)

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