Vote Today

Folks, this is when the “rubber meets the road,” so to speak.


Election day.  We, as a nation, vote for a president.


Here are some of the things that our current president has been instrumental in getting passed:


Fair Pay Act (Lily Ledbetter)


New rules on credit card companies


FDA gets the power to regulate tobacco


Hate crimes bill


Extended CHIP


Eliminated middle man (banks) in student loan program


Tripled the size of AmeriCorps


Cash-for-clunkers boosted new car sales


Rescue of American auto industry


Stimulus bill


I have seen many messages about what the president has done (all false) or what he plans to do, if re-elected, but I have not heard of any positive reasons why one should vote for the Republican candidate.


Anyway, today is election day – get out and vote.


If you don’t vote, you have no business complaining about the results.

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One Comment on “Vote Today”

  1. Good Deed Says:

    Well said at the end…

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