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semi-private, right-wing, whacko, mailing list.

I am on a mailing list, where I actively participate as the lone progressive, that is comprised mostly of ex-military who range in age from around 50 to well into the 80s.  We all have the same significant event in our lives that binds us together.

Since the election was decided late Tuesday evening the mailings have become more strident:

You run two democrats for president one of them will get elected, to bad it was the wrong democrat

This gentleman is one of the more moderate writers.  I responded with

For those of us that are older, which probably includes most on this list, this is not the same country that we grew up in during the 1940s and 50s.  It has changed, quite a bit.

Like it or not, the reality is that after two victories by a person of color, the Republican party stands on the brink of being irrelevant.

With the state of Maryland voting 52% to 48% to recognize same sex marriage and Colorado and Washington State voting to allow marijuana use, change is the one constant.

This email, full of despair, came early morn on 7 Nov

I know the feeling, but we are now the old guys that our parents

once were. I personally think that we gave to much and expected

nothing in return. We gave them an education second to none,

along with all the toys. They in turn did like wise with our grand kids,

and puff, look at what we have now. Some where along the way

these people have lost the real meaning of religion, old fashion

education and good work ethics. I feel that some how I failed

my own kids. I have never felt so defeated in my whole life.

Followed by

well now that obama has been reelected i guess all the liberals are happy. but as i see it nothing will change until the system breaks under the weight of socialist programs, then maybe the people of this country will wake up. however, we are in for a very hard time before that happens!




AA teaches that, “before you can recover you must hit bottom.” I guess America had not hit bottom, but never fear Obummer plans to take us there.

This is a long one

Passing on, food for thought.

 My heart actually hurt because of yesterday.  I have been so hyped up over this and have neverbeen so sold out for us getting it right.  I let it get to me exceedingly, but finally, on Mondaynight, I was able to pray that God’s will would prevail.  I am now sure that His will is beingcompleted in an awesome way.  My cousin in Tampa, Florida sent this to me this morning,and I think it speaks for itself.  Any understanding of scripture proves it out.  I always knewand said (haltingly) of course, that He would not tolerate the sin that has permeated ourAmerica, but I didn’t know we would be eye witnesses to the beginning of the end.  I, too,pray for mercy for those who love Him and work at trying to live according to His word.For those who have forgotten from whence they came, I pray they will find Jesus beforeit is too late.

As Obama and his 23 Marxist style Czars ( accountable to no one but him) and Executive Orders ( which overrule acts of Congress) continue to drive America over the cliff to destruction, in order that the true Marxist state can rise out of the ashes, we are told by God to “in everything give thanks.”  I looked for how I could do this.  As I meditated on this, I understood that God  has confirmed that His Word is true by the results of this election.  He allowed the hearts of the voters to do the unthinkable and reelect the one who has brought so much destruction to America already.  He sent the storm which changed 14% of the votes to Obama, as he looked “presidential.”God waited 50 years for Christians to take a stand and stop the downward spiral as He was rejected, first through Roe vs. Wade andthen a systematic removal of Him from every area of public life; all without protest.  God has finally, after these 50 years of mercy and grace, said “enough is enough.  My Name will be honored!” Some prayed earnestly for restoration in this election.  But God said in the Old Testament that even though Moses and Daniel (Jer. 15:1) asked me to spare Israel, He would not.  He said His wrath was full because they had replaced theworship of Him with idolatry. I believe America is in that state.  We “worship” everything but God.He said “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord.”   We Americans have expunged Him from our Nation’s life. He is no longer Lord.He said He will not tolerate “The shedding of innocent blood…”    We have murdered 55, 000,000 babies in the womb. (This electionwas decided by women whose one objective was to have the right to abort their babies.)  We also redefined marriage from His standard.He said “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”   We have blasphemed Him and His Name without fear of retribution. We havedefined God as a Patsy who just loved us no matter and was our good “Buddy” upstairs. His name is cursed millions of times a day.He said “To whom much is given, much is required.”   We have repaid the gift of His Word with a refusal to even read it.   We have tolerated ourchurches as they preached the social gospel, instead of the Christ and the cross.  We have removed prayer and the Bible from our public life and schools.  We have taught evolution that worships time and gives credit to so called science, instead of our Omnipotent Creator who clearly related to us how this world and we began.  We have removed the Ten Commandments from our schools, leaving our students with no direction as to right and wrong and who God is and how He would have them live.He said “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay.”   We are about to experience “payday” for our rejection of His Word and Name, which He honors above all else.  He said “You shall reap what you sow.”    We have sown sin in every form, without repentance, and will reap the death of our Nation.  “Sin when it is conceived  brings forth death.”He said “If you bless Israel, I will bless you.”   We have rejected Israel and our Leader has preferred the pagan U.N and Muslims who hate Israel.GOD has shown to us that He is not a wimp who will continue to be blasphemed.  He will remove His blessing from us.  May God havesome measure of mercy as America reelected a leader who rejects the truths of God’s Word and even expunged God’s Name and Israel from his platform.May the sufferings that America is about to endure lead us to trust Christ for our eternal life and a wonderful future in Heaven, far removed from the trials down here.  God is demonstrating to us that He is to be feared and His Word is true.    God  is not a wimp and I thank Him that He is showing that to our pagan Nation, where so many “Christians” didn’t even bother to vote for His principles.We have also rejected God’s precious gift on the cross where Jesus died that horrible death for our sins.   “The payment for sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”     “For God so loved the world that  He gave His only begotten Son that whoever would believe in Him should not perish but have eternal life,”  John 3:16.  “He who has the Son has life and he who does not have the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God is on him,” John 3:36.God’s wrath is very real and I believe it is about to be poured out on our beautiful America.  I have wondered why He withheld it for so long.

And the most recent

The dumbing down of America continues, and those that are celebrating don’t even see the chains that are forming around them. The American voter has spoken, we can now see that the hundred year push for totalitarian Government has come full circle. We have taken the greatest gift God has ever granted to mankind and squandered it in exchange for the crumbs offered up by the Democratic Party. We no longer deserve to be the greatest country on earth if we no longer have the will, or the character to stand on our own two feet. We as a nation have forfeited our freedom and our individuality and sold our souls to the snake-oil salesman in Washington. The moment that the majority of the people began collecting a check instead of earning one, our fate was sealed. From that  moment on, the nanny state became supreme ruler, and the American people became enslaved. So be it, we are at the mercy of the hacks in DC until the collapse then it’s every man for himself. The only remedy is to return to the rule book The United States Constitution.

I do not understand where these sentiments originate.  But, remember, all of these folks served this country, the U. S. of A.  honorably for many years, some well in excess of 20 years.

That they are having difficulty dealing with change is obvious.  How to gently bring them into the 21st century is beyond me.

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