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This is from a fellow vet, who, although we have never met, has a common background with me.  His response was to a posting re: Denny’s charging a 5% surcharge and my saying I’ve never been to a Denny’s and never will go there.

Anyway, for you folks that do not visit right-wing, echo-chamber sites, you are for a treat:

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I received this from a friend of mine who owns his own business, in Cleveland.  During my shopping trips today there was much said about the extra charges and taxes connected to bhocare.  Stand by for healthy increases in all marketplaces.  Folks most likely will shop like crazy before the New Year…..if a world war doesn’t start first.  After the first of the year expect prices to climb drastically and real inflation to begin.  The treasury has not slowed down, printing new money, not replacing worn out bills just printing new bills.

I hate to say it but, the wheels of government are turning but, this country is not going anywhere.  I also hate to admit that, much of what was discussed by the group during the past year will materialize.  I was hoping it was just bantering and BS, but it seems I was wrong.

This is what I received from my friend in Ohio:

 “I have a customer who’s insurance company said that they will itemize any “Obamacare extra charges” on their invoice monthly. My customer is going to pass them through to his employees with a line item description on their pay stubs identifying it as a charge because of Obamacare. He told me this when I called on him the day after the robbery er…election. I am telling all my customers to do this. My customer said if anyone complains, he’ll just say “you voted for this”.

Denny’s is just one place, and a sign of the times.  Boeing, Lockheed, and a few other companies have posted layoffs, here in Jacksonville.  A couple of stores have also posted force reductions of full-time workers for January.

Now. folks are starting to look at the potential of day to day survival goods to get by when they get their papers in January .

Take care, I wish you well in the ‘new age’.

The news has several articles about right-wing cranks who are laying off employees or reducing their hours or both. Some even saying they are just going to lay everyone off and close their doors.  To that last group I say, you probably never had a profitable enterprise.

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