I Do Not Understand

President Obama put together a hell of a team in 2007 and 08 to win, first, a primary fight against a tough opponent and then win the Presidential election in November.

Then, this past year he put together a better team that, with a more comprehensive strategy,  beat the Republican challenger.

In the election on 6 Nov, Obama won a solid victory.  And the Dems increased their margin in the Senate and picked up seats in the House.


But somewhere along the line, I do not see him or his team negotiating with the Republicans like a progressive/liberal.

One cannot begin to negotiate with the starting position being what you want to end up with.  The old Clinton rates for the highest income earners was 39.5%.  You can’t start there.

The President should have said,

” We need to raise more money to help reduce the deficit.  I will not raise taxes on the middle class.   When the country had a lower unemployment rate and the marginal rates were higher than they are now,  we had enough money to begin a space program that put a man on the moon.  I do not intend to suggest or propose a 91% tax rate.   My proposal is to raise the top marginal tax rate for people making over $250,000 to 50%.”

Of course the Repubs and Wall Street will howl.

But it is a starting point.  It is a tactic, a tool.  Everyone knows that the top marginal tax rate will be in the lower forties, but you have to start higher than you are willing to settle for.

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