Celibate ! Really ?

In the November 2012 issue of Smithsonian,  is a story titled “The Gospel According To King.”  Subtitled:

Harvard’s Karen King sparked intense debate with her discovery of a 1,600 year-old papyrus fragment referring to Jesus’ “wife.”

This piece of papyrus is about 4″ by 1.5″ and was part of a larger manuscript which is apparent because there are just sentence fragments.

But, as soon as Ms.King made her announcement, various experts from the Vatican on down were calling it a fake.

Now, I am in no way qualified to say if Ms. King is right or wrong.

But I want to toss a bit of common sense into the discussion.  Why would anyone presume to think that a 33 year old male Jew would be a virgin?  Why would anyone think he was celibate?  That does not pass the smell test.

Church orthodoxy got rid of those texts that could have been included in the bible but were not included in the canon including “The Gospel of Thomas”  and “The Gospel of Mary.”

Church orthodoxy just as easily made Jesus into something he wasn’t – celibate.

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