It’s opinion.  That is all it is.  Since I was in elementary school, around the seventh or eighth grades, I did not understand the second amendment of our Constitution to mean that anyone could own as many guns of any type as they could afford.

I understand that we do not want to see Bambi starving on Main Street, so a more than reasonable allowance is made for folks that want to or feel a primal urge, to hunt.  I have no problem with that.  Most of my friends hunt.  They have an assemblage  of guns appropriate for there they intend to hunt.

Both Illinois and Ohio have a shotgun season for deer.  Both states are relatively highly populated and shot gun slugs will not travel nearly as far as a .30-06 will.

My friends also get deer hunting permits for both Wisconsin and Nebraska.  As a group, about five of them go to Nebraska each year for a week.  One also goes to Wisconsin because that is where he grew up, where his wife is from and they can combine the family visit with a hunting trip.

All the rifles they own are single shot, bolt action.  The clip holds either 4 or 5 shells.  They also have pistols (sidearms) they carry to put a wounded animal out of its misery.

None of them own a semi-automatic, either of the rifle or pistol variety.  Some do own a semi-auto shotgun, but they are pretty common.

As a former hunter and a friend of hunters, I can see no reason for most of the weapons being sold to even be on the market.

Not only is the NRA on the wrong side of history, but the pro-2nd amendment fanatics are on the wrong side of racism.

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