and the killing of American citizens.  Most people understand the rationale for the killing of Anwar Al-Awlaki by a drone in Yemen in 2011.  They may not agree 100% but they figure it is better than losing some members of the Marines or Seals.

And the administration that in every case of a targeted killing by a drone ensures that  a lot of oversight goes into the decision making.

That is not what concerns me.  Not at all.  No.

What concerns me is if we were to get a president with absolutely no scruples, say some one similar to Richard Nixon, who would be willing to kill American citizens on American soil just because they vehemently disagreed with the president.

The precedent that we are setting today, for rationale that I feel are questionable, could be used in the future in ways that are not even being considered today.

That scares me.

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