TRMS 26 Mar Show comment

Rachel Maddow had, as a guest, a Mr. Tom Sowers,  Veteran’s Administration Assistant Secretary.  Below is the comment I left at The Maddow Blog.

Thoughts on the Veteran’s Administration:

Rachel, bravo zulu on your question to Mr. Sowers re: if only 3% of the filers can fill out the claims forms correctly, is what the VA is asking for an unreasonable amount?  Mr. Sowers answered with mumbo-jumbo about electronic filing.

Mr. Sowers seems to blame the senior enlisteds (First Sergeants) for not teaching those junior enlisteds on how to properly fill out the claims forms.  I do not believe that DoD sees it as the military’s responsibility to provide that function.

And  Mr. Sowers is blaming the victim.  He had a pile of dossiers of claims and blamed the veteran for not going on line to fill out the forms instead of using paper forms.

Also, Mr. Sowers never answered your question about how does a veteran with PTSD support her/himself when they cannot work b/c of PTSD and the claims process may take over a year.  How do they feed themselves?

For the record, I am a Senior Chief Petty Officer, USN (Retired).  I served 21 continuous years beginning on 7 Oct 58 and ending on 29 Sep 79.  In all of my 21 years, I never heard a good or kind word about the VA.  I have never used any VA medical services.  I did use the WW2 G.I. Bill for education.

My son-in-law has had horrible experiences with the VA hospital in Indianapolis, IN regarding biopsies on his prostate.

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