N. E. V. E. R.

I was going to say, “Never, until. . .”

Bullshit ! !

This problem was caused in part by greedy banks, i.e. banking executives such as CEOs, CFOs, COOs and so forth.  To big to fail is a term we heard many times each day.

Well here is part of my solution.

1. Break up those two or three of the ‘too big to fail banks’ and pass laws to put a wall between commercial banks and investment banks.

2.  Send some of those Wall Street bank execs to jail.  Those folks making multi-million dollars a year.

Never cut Social Security.  Never reduce the COLA by going to “Chained CPI”

Never cut Medicare.  We do not need doctors turning away seniors.

Have a set of balls.  No compromises with Republicans.

Here is what digby had to say yesterday

I don’t think Obama will be remembered that way. He’s seen as trying to appease them not beat them. He and Clinton are basically the same animals on a policy level — but very different politicians. And when it comes to legacy, politics counts for a lot.

It is time to beat the Repubs so badly that they cease to exist as a national political party.

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One Comment on “N. E. V. E. R.”

  1. Barneysday Says:

    Obama is rapidly becoming an ever larger part of the problem, not the solution.

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