We spent a good part of today with Marty.

Background:  In 1973, while I was in the Navy, I got orders assigning me to the 73/74 Winter Over party as part of the Navy’s Operation Deep Freeze.

We needed a place for Mrs. Chief and our four young ‘uns to spend a year.  Mrs. Chief’s mom and her mom’s husband lived in Chattanooga, Ohio.  Chat, as it is locally called, is a slow-down on State Route 49 which runs north/south about a mile east of the OH/IN state line.  Chat is between Tama Rd and Strable Rd in Mercer County if you are looking on Google Earth.

We bought the southern most house on the west side of the road, two doors south of her mom.  Marty, a widow who had lost her husband to cancer 5 years prior lived between our house and her mom.

Marty took Mrs. Chief practice driving so Mrs. Chief could get her driver license.   And we’ve laughed often over Marty’s observation of our youngest, a three year old, running across the back yard from his house to granny’s in only a diaper, in the snow.

Marty lost her second husband in 1995.  He had been a businessman who had run up a lot of debt, of which Marty was unaware.

Marty has been fighting several different cancers for over ten years.

She is a joy to be around.  Mentally she has not lost one bit of her ability to express herself.  She does not feel sorry for herself.  She has forgiven her second husband.

She has a nephew who travels with one of the major musical groups in the country who tunes their guitars and drums and is a general set up person.  She told me today when he was just four years old, he could play, by ear, on her organ, the Star Spangled Banner.  Eventually, she had a list of 28 popular songs that he could play just from hearing them on the radio.

Marty is the type person that can make you forget about the minor problems in your life just by being around her.

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