Happy Birthday, Molly

Molly or Molly Magee, named after Fibber Magee’s wife Molly from the old WWII radio show “Fibber Magee and Molly” is nine years old today.

Backstory: When we lived in the house before the last one, around twenty years ago, a skinny, emaciated, multi-colored herding type dog wandered in. So I fed her. She looked to be gaining weight. I said to Mrs. Chief, “Look, she’s gaining weight.” Mrs. Chief replied, referring to my lack of observational powers, “She’s pregnant, dummy.”

Anyway we called her “Digger” because she dug a hole in a cool spot under the mock orange bush.

In due time Digger gave birth to five health pups.

Years passed, we moved to the lake and then in 2004 I noticed something wrong with her. She was a little unstable on her feet. Her long coat hid the cancerous masses that had developed.   I forget what type of cancer the Vet called it but is was similar to a human cancer.

Digger died 1 July 2004. Mrs. Chief and I were beyond devastated.

Time passed. The grieving over Digger continued. Finally, the second time our family physician suggested we visit his brother who was a veterinarian in town, we did. It was 4 Jan 05. An attendant brought out one dog. That was all it took. They spayed her for free that day and we took her home the next.

We took Molly to our own Vet and during the exam, asked her how old she thought Molly was. She said about eight months.

So, I gave her a birthday of 5 May 2004.  Below is Molly at 11 months

Molly n Me 2 (2)

Of all the canines we have shared our lives with, Molly is one of a kind.  She barks, she will not mind, can’t take her outside without a leash, but she is dedicated to Mrs. Chief and me.

Happy Birthday, old girl.

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