Comments From A Mail List

I took last evenings post and put it on a mailing list, saying I had found it on-line and asked for comments.  I never said I was the author.  The mail list is mostly retired Navy enlisted men.

Here are three comments that I received back.

I did not like his minister of 20 years.  I do not like his political views.  I do not like the way he is governing.  I did  not vote for him.  His skin color was  not an issue.

I don’t think the problem with him is his color but his actions. he and his flunkies in my opinion are causing this country to lose itself and bringing us down

What a crock of shit, a persons race doesn’t mean diddly squat but the race baiters like to smear everyone that disagrees with President Obama that they must be racists. President Obama has dropped the veil of ingorance and the american people can see that he has almost reached the apex of incompetence, I know his shenanigans are not good for this country. My conclusion is that about 50% of the voters are pretty stupid and probably couldn’t pass a citizenship test.

We seem to be more polarized now than at any time in my life, including the anti-Vietnam War period of the 1960s.  There is no “middle.”  One side says that because of the 2nd Amendment, there can be no regulation of gun sales.  One side says absolutely no abortion, close all the women’s health clinics that screen for breast cancer and cervical cancer.

As a nation we have lost the ability to have a quiet, reasonable conversation.

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