The internal combustion engine and the human heart have some significant similarities.

First, both need fuel.  Engine uses a petroleum derivative, the heart uses blood.

Both also need a spark.  The engine an electrical system ending with the spark plug, the heart a set of nerves that tell it when to beat.

Not a perfect analogy but good enough to explain the situation to my gear-head brother.

In August 2006 my fuel system was clogged.  The clog or obstruction was at the junction of two vessels.  A stent was to dangerous.  I had a double bypass.

Fast forward to 26 May 2012, just a month ago.  I collapsed in the backyard.  There is about 30 minutes that are lost forever.  Mrs Chief and our son took  me to the hospital where I was a guest for two days while a bunch of MDs tried to figure out what was going on.  Ran a lot of tests, no conclusions.

Fast forward three and a half weeks to Friday, 21 Jun.  I am in the bathroom with a cup of very hot coffee preparing to take my morning pills and the next thing I know, I am sitting on the sofa with three EMTs tending to me.  A trip to the same hospital and an admission to be under observation.

They got me all wired up and in a room and – bingo – the next thing I know I am in the ICU.  I had passed out while being monitored and now they knew exactly what was wrong.  The electrical firing that tells my heart when to beat was suffering a malfunction.

That morning the cardiologist inserted the wire for a temporary pacemaker.  On 24 Jun in the afternoon a permanent pacemaker was inserted in my upper left chest between the collar bone and the shoulder.  I was home before noon on Tuesday the 25th.

I was lucky.


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  1. […] This applies.  I have had some serious health issues in the last 3 months.  I have attacked all three issues to get on top of them, but nonetheless at age 72, I realize that I am on the downhill side of life. […]

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