Skin Color

We can talk about the immigration bill or about the Zimmerman trial in Florida or most any other multi-ethnic item in the public venue, except professional basketball, and one side is always peopled by older, white guys.

Why is that ? ?

And we can talk about women’s health care and all the so-called abortion bills being enacted in states that have a Republican governor and a Republican dominated legislature.  These legislators always older, white men ? ?

Why is that ? ?

I, the Chief, am an older (72 years old), white (both of my parents predecessors came from the British Isles) guy, yet I feel that Trayvon Martin was murdered and that if abortion is so wrong, why not provide some form of contraception so fewer women will get pregnant?

Actually, I feel that abortion is such a personal decision that I have no say on the subject, because I never could have gotten pregnant.

In my opinion, these “older, white guy” legislators are unable to cope with the huge change taking place in our country and doing everything they can to turn back the clock.  They need to stop all the people of color from voting.  If that were to happen (not likely) then the “white men” would attempt to browbeat the white women into not voting.

Older white men would win in that case but the rest of us would lose, big time.

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