Life and Appreciation

This post is dedicated to Tunch and John Cole. (Google has blocked Balloon-Juice, but if you persist you will get thru.)

This is Molly.

Molly n Me 2 (2)Molly became part of our family on 5 Jan 2005.  The death of her predecessor from a canine form of a human cancer on 1 Jul 04 had left us devastated.  The second time our family doc suggested we visit his brother’s veterinary clinic to see if he had a dog we could adopt was on 4 Jan.  We visited, she wagged her tail – vigorously, the vet spayed her and we took her home the next day.

There are only three of us – Mrs. Chief, Molly and me.  Molly is closer to me than to Mrs. Chief.  Scary close.  She is super protective of me.  When I collapsed in the bathroom on 21 Jun, Molly did not want anyone to get near me.

This applies.  I have had some serious health issues in the last 3 months.  I have attacked all three issues to get on top of them, but nonetheless at age 72, I realize that I am on the downhill side of life.

  1. I am taking hormone treatment for prostate cancer.
  2. twenty-two days ago I had a pacemaker installed in my upper left chest.
  3. Yesterday I began being treated for seizures with a med called ‘keppra.’  No driving for at least a year.

Anyway, I fully understand how John Cole feels.  We lost Digger and someday either I will lose Molly or she will lose me.

Folks, push-come-to-shove, I would much rather have these emotionally tight relationships with a non-human than live a cold, isolated life without them.

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  1. […] Molly is my best buddy.  Molly is a nine year old herding dog cross. Light brown, right ear erect, left ear flopped down, she is sixty pounds of energy.  Here is a picture of Molly. […]

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