Molly is my best buddy.  Molly is a nine year old herding dog cross. Light brown, right ear erect, left ear flopped down, she is sixty pounds of energy.  Here is a picture of Molly.

I have read “Inside of a Dog” by Alexandra Horowitz three times.  I know from Ms. Horowitz’ book that the sense of smell is the dogs number one sense, with eyesight at number two and just in front of hearing.

When I took the Chihuahuas out I noticed a dead mouse, kind of out of the way.  The Chihuahuas never noticed the mouse.

Then I took Molly out.  Molly sniffed and from the direction of the breeze, I felt that she was smelling the mouse.  It took her more than a few seconds to find it with her eyes but her nose is what led her to actually find the mouse.

After reading Ms. Horowitz’ explanation of the nose – eye relationship in dogs, it was real fascinating to see it in action and to understand what was happening.

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