Politics and Some Important Issues

It has become hard for me to stay interested in all the political machinations these past few months.  I am well aware that the TeaParty and government shut-down are important, but . . .

On 26 May, just four months ago, I collapsed in the backyard while weed whacking.  Great grand-daughter alerted my son-in-law.   I became aware of people at the kitchen table an hour or so later.

Anyway, the third time I lost consciousness, I was in the hospital all wired up to a monitor.  Heart stopped for 20 seconds.   I now have a pacemaker.

But there is more.  I was also having seizures.  I am on Keppra for the seizures and Zoloft for several other items.

And if that wasn’t enough, I am being treated for prostate cancer.  At the age of 72, surgery was out.  So I opted for Hormone therapy, also called ‘testosterone inactivating pharmaceuticals’ or TIP.  My PSA was at 8.7 in March of this year.  After three shots of Lupron 7.5 (each 4 weeks apart) my PSA dropped to 0.2.

The above three health problems have taken my attention and my ‘caring’ about politics to a new low.  I used to watch a whole lot of political shows on MS-NBC.  Now, I just watch Rachel Maddow.  No Chris Matthews or any of the others.


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