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Special Day

May 26, 2014

May 26 is a special day for two reasons, this year.

First, it is Mrs. Chief’s birthday.  I am told that a gentleman never tells how many years old a lady is.  While no one has ever accused me of being a gentleman, I will not divulge my partner’s age.

I took her out for breakfast this morning and we are going to a different restaurant for supper tonight.   Any one familiar with the Orleans Hit (1972) titled “Still The One” will understand my feelings for my wife.


Second reason and not so happy.  Today, her birthday is also the first anniversary of my collapsing in the backyard and events that led to a pacemaker being implanted, treatment for prostate cancer and some type of seizures for which  I still take meds.




Bottom line:  Happy Birthday, Sweetie.


Public Schools

May 17, 2014

In May of 1954, sixty years ago, the Supreme Court ruled in the Brown v. Board of Education that schools could not be segregated. Separate but equal was no longer valid.

Ten years later, while in the Navy, I spent eighteen weeks at Naval Air Station Glynco in Glynn County, Georgia from January to Memorial Day learning how to maintain a radar system. Brunswick is the largest community in Glynn Co.

I was either surprised or shocked while there to find out that all of the public schools were closed and the white children went to private academies.

Fast forward 50 years to 2014 and we still have whites only private schools and either no public schools or grossly under funded public schools in this country.

Sad. Very sad.