Kathy Kattenburg, that is — that’s me. I created Liberty Street in April 2004 and it has become a consuming passion. In case anyone is wondering, I got the idea for the name of the blog from a street that was near my house when I lived in Bloomfield, NJ. It’s not a very long street, but it’s well-known in the town, and it has the added draw of going through the Bloomfield College campus and the very picture-postcard town green opposite the campus. Now that I live in next-door Belleville, Liberty Street is still nearby — but it’s not a block away anymore. It still is descriptive of what I want the blog to be about, though, so Liberty Street it shall remain.

In addition to liberal politics, my co-blogger Chief and I share a love for animals. I have two cats who are related to each other (mom cat and daughter cat). I also have a 19-year-old daughter who attends Barnard College.

I also blog at Comments from Left Field and at The Moderate Voice.


5 Comments on “Kathy”

  1. Chief Says:

    And ya left out the part about Bonnie. boo-hoo


  2. timethief Says:

    If you look here -> Dashboard -> Presentation -> Widgets you will find that their is a new “Authors” widget that you can configure and place in your sidebar. Click on the blue and white icon on the Authors widget and this is what you find:


    Display all authors (including those who have not written any posts)

    Number of posts to show for each author: (at most 10)

    I hope this helps you. Happy blogging. :-)

  3. timethief Says:

    There is no automatic elegant way to do this. Here are your choices:

    (1) Select a theme that allows for display of “authors”.
    (2) Use the authors’ widget.
    (3) Create a category for Authors and sub-categories for each individual author’s name and have them all tag their posts with it.
    (4) Have each author place a byline” at the end of each post they write. Example: by Joe Blow

    The only way to have the author’s name reflected in what you call the footer of each post is to use method (3)

    Category – Authors
    – Kathy

    I hope this helps. If you need a link to find themes that do display author’s , feel free to email me again. :-)

    Also note that you may delete these comments from me as they are off-topic for your blog.

  4. Kathy Says:

    I wouldn’t dream of deleting them, Timethief. The information in them might help others.

  5. samsonxyd Says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Nice job with your blog. I run a progressive blog myself and I was wondering if you’d like to swap links.
    I now have your blog linked in the left column on all the pages of my blog:

    Can you please give me a linkback in your links section?
    I’d sure appreciate it.

    Marc McDonald

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