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Background or How You Seed The Audience

August 23, 2013

So, I watching President Obama speak at Lackawanna College in Scranton, PA today.  As for the President the audience was a mixture of skin tones and they cheered when appropriate.

Two or three days ago I saw Senator Cruz speaking to a crowd in the same type of place but down south, Texas maybe.  Senator Cruz’ father is from Cuba, which to means that he is a latino.  Behind him in the audience were two blacks.  A black lady in the second row off the Senators left elbow and a black man in the third row off of his right shoulder.

The black lady was about as un-enthusiastic as she could be.  Hands in her lap and a neutral expression on her face.  Never a smile.


Y – Bridge

July 31, 2013

In Zanesville, Ohio at the confluence of two rivers.  The picture is looking north with the Muskingum River being bigger today.  The Licking River, on the left, used to be the same size as the Muskingum but has been dammed to provide a recreational lake.

Zanesville is on the east bank.  The current Y-bridge is the fifth bridge erected on this site.  I was familiar with the fourth iteration from about 1959 until the interstate system became a faster way to travel (or 1962, whichever came first).

Y bridge

The small sign with 40 on (center-right of pic) it indicates that it is U.S Route 40, today as it was 54 years ago.  It was, then,  the quickest way to get across Ohio.

As an 18 year old, in ’59, this was a unique and phenomenal piece of engineering.  If you are traveling east-west across Ohio on I-70, I recommend you taking a slight side trip to visit this unique piece of history.

I’m Not Lisa

July 28, 2013

Every once in awhile I am truly surprised at how ignorant I am.

The song that Jessi Colter sang, way back when (1975), “I’m Not Lisa” I have always felt was the best song, ever done, by someone I had never heard of.   Here’s what Wikipedia says on the subject.

The surprise is that she wrote the song, plus did the keyboards on the original big hit.

I knew she was married to Waylon Jennings, I just was not aware that they were married sometime before 1975.

This is still my favorite single.  Kris & Waylon come in a close second but Jessi Colter is Number One.

P.S.:  I cannot find a way to list and get to play the song.

Life and Appreciation

July 16, 2013

This post is dedicated to Tunch and John Cole. (Google has blocked Balloon-Juice, but if you persist you will get thru.)

This is Molly.

Molly n Me 2 (2)Molly became part of our family on 5 Jan 2005.  The death of her predecessor from a canine form of a human cancer on 1 Jul 04 had left us devastated.  The second time our family doc suggested we visit his brother’s veterinary clinic to see if he had a dog we could adopt was on 4 Jan.  We visited, she wagged her tail – vigorously, the vet spayed her and we took her home the next day.

There are only three of us – Mrs. Chief, Molly and me.  Molly is closer to me than to Mrs. Chief.  Scary close.  She is super protective of me.  When I collapsed in the bathroom on 21 Jun, Molly did not want anyone to get near me.

This applies.  I have had some serious health issues in the last 3 months.  I have attacked all three issues to get on top of them, but nonetheless at age 72, I realize that I am on the downhill side of life.

  1. I am taking hormone treatment for prostate cancer.
  2. twenty-two days ago I had a pacemaker installed in my upper left chest.
  3. Yesterday I began being treated for seizures with a med called ‘keppra.’  No driving for at least a year.

Anyway, I fully understand how John Cole feels.  We lost Digger and someday either I will lose Molly or she will lose me.

Folks, push-come-to-shove, I would much rather have these emotionally tight relationships with a non-human than live a cold, isolated life without them.

Good Idea

July 16, 2013

I found the pic here.

! Being


July 13, 2013

I can live with the jury’s decision.

Skin Color

July 13, 2013

We can talk about the immigration bill or about the Zimmerman trial in Florida or most any other multi-ethnic item in the public venue, except professional basketball, and one side is always peopled by older, white guys.

Why is that ? ?

And we can talk about women’s health care and all the so-called abortion bills being enacted in states that have a Republican governor and a Republican dominated legislature.  These legislators always older, white men ? ?

Why is that ? ?

I, the Chief, am an older (72 years old), white (both of my parents predecessors came from the British Isles) guy, yet I feel that Trayvon Martin was murdered and that if abortion is so wrong, why not provide some form of contraception so fewer women will get pregnant?

Actually, I feel that abortion is such a personal decision that I have no say on the subject, because I never could have gotten pregnant.

In my opinion, these “older, white guy” legislators are unable to cope with the huge change taking place in our country and doing everything they can to turn back the clock.  They need to stop all the people of color from voting.  If that were to happen (not likely) then the “white men” would attempt to browbeat the white women into not voting.

Older white men would win in that case but the rest of us would lose, big time.