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Blowin’ Smoke

October 26, 2011

If you are not aware of the Herman Cain campaign ad involving his chief of staff read about it here.

If anyone does not know what “Blowin’ smoke . . .” means, leave a comment and I’ll explain.


September 17, 2011

or a complete lack thereof.  At one time, say the 1960s, the United States was still the undisputed leader in pushing the technology barriers forward.  At that time it was the NASA and the space program.

Before that it was Thomas Edison and Alexander Bell, the Wright Brothers and Henry Ford.

But, I submit, the space program was the last clear leadership effort by the United States.  Oh, we have Steven Jobs and Bill Gates, Cisco and high-speed internet, but the United States has been bypassed by scientific efforts in Germany, China and a whole host of smaller countries.

A lot of weenies around St Ronnie of Ray-Gun, decided they’d rather be rich instead of a citizen of a world leader and it has been downhill ever since.


September 7, 2011

There are some bloggers, and a few commentators, whose intellect is superior to mine, as is their writing ability that I really respect.  But a few of these people are thin-skinned.  They do not take constructive criticism well.

Specifically, I am referring to the idea that some say that given the votes in Congress that Obama has done all that he can do.

To which I’ve said and continue to believe, that when one is negotiating, one does not tell the opposing party what you will give up on and what you will fight for.

The Obama team is horrible at negotiating and if POTUS thinks that by being “post-partisan” he will appear as the adult in the room and he will be respected, he is wrong.

By caving in on the “important-to-the-base” issues, he appears to be weak, to be a wimp and to be not willing to fight for what ever it is he believes in.

The Dems let the Repubs frame the issue and then lose the argument to the Repubs on their terms.

A Test

September 5, 2011

This is an essay type test.  Take all the time you need.  Look up the answers or your supposed answers on the internet.

Leave you answers in comments.  I will grade later.


1. Who was the POTUS when NAFTA was drafted?

2. Which party controlled congress when NAFTA was passed and sent to POTUS’s desk?

3. Who was the POTUS when CAFTA was drafted?

4. Which party controlled congress when CAFTA was passed and sent to POTUS’s desk?

Now, go read this long piece at TruthOut and thank Steve Benen for bringing it to your attention.

Steve says,

Before this morning, I’d never heard of Mike Lofgren. But James Fallows explained that Lofgren recently retired from a lengthy career as an esteemed Capitol Hill staffer. Fallows characterized him as a respected, knowledgeable figure.

And with this in mind, it was rather striking to read the lengthy piece Lofgren wrote for Truth Out, published yesterday with this headline: “Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult.”

To be sure, this Republican aide is not at all a fan of Democrats. But he also believes “nothing … quite matches the modern GOP.”

Citizens United which led to the election debacle last November which led to the debt ceiling crisis of this summer are the latest incarnation of “the rich are not rich enough as long as you have something.”


August 10, 2011

Okay.  It was not wildly successful.  The Dems in Wisconsin did not take control of the Wisconsin state senate.  They fell one seat short of that.

But they were successful on several counts.

First, they showed the Republican/teatard/Koch-sucking enemies of the working people that they are just not going to sit and take it.  They showed those that are paying attention that when the enemies of the working people try to take away hard earned “rights” that there will be push-back.

Second.  Two sitting Republican state senators have been recalled.  They lost a prestigious position because they followed a Koch-sucking governor.  This fact will give pause in the future to any attempted over-reach by elected officials.

Third.  Nationally, the Dem base, the grass roots can see the positive effects of the recall effort.

Next will be Ohio this November.  Voters will have the opportunity to overturn Gov Kasich’s SB-5 that limits collective bargaining by public employees.

From a 20 July Quinnipiac Univ poll

Opponents of Gov. Kasich’s legislation to limit collective bargaining for public employees retain a 56 – 32 lead in the expected November referendum, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds.

Fighting back works.  Is President Obama paying attention?

Is There No Fight

July 28, 2011

If you fight a battle that you “know” you will lose, well the worst that can happen, even while losing, is to extract a few concessions from the winner.

That is why this attitude disappoints me.  Again from BooMan:

The White House long ago conceded that the House of Representatives has the power to compel them to give up on stimulating the economy and focus on cutting down on the debt.

And there is nothing the Bully Pulpit can say that will wring any concessions from the right-wing-radicals?  Just by speaking in a confrontational tone, the Bully Pulpit will force at least some minor concessions.


July 28, 2011


This little piece by BooMan pretty well sums up the Rs in the House.

There is just a deep, deep strain of crazy that’s developed within the Republican culture. The debate that’s going on amongHouse Republicans right now is so disconnected from reality. They’re debating whether they need to vote for Boehner’s bill because they’re a team and giving a no-confidence vote to Boehner will basically destroy his speakership. My first response to this is, why did you make him the Speaker? He voted to go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and then voted repeatedly to borrow the money to wage those wars. He voted for the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit and also voted to borrow the money to pay for it. He voted for the TARP program, too, like a good little Bush acolyte. If you want to get technical, he also voted for Bush’s tax cuts in both 2001 and 2003. In other words, Boehner voted to create this deficit at every single point along the way. He is 100% guilty for our debt. Yet, you won the midterm elections after running campaigns about fixing the debt and deficit problem and then made this idiot your leader? WTF?

Any comment about John of Orange?


I Did Not Cause This Problem

July 25, 2011

I was not involved in the repeal of Glass-Steagall.  My name is not Senator Gramm a Republican from Texas.

I did not slice & dice mortgages nor did I set a criminally low tax rate for billionaire hedge fund managers.

In short, “I did not cause this problem.”

And me and other retired seniors and those folks running the checkouts at your local Wal-Mart or local gas station that are making $25 or $40 grand a year did not cause what ever problem some dick-head, teaparty mother-fucker in Washington, DC thinks we should be helping to solve.

If the marginal tax rate cannot go up for those folks earning over a half million a year, then I will not, absolutely will N. O. T. vote for the top of the ticket in Nov 1012.

I will not vote for a Republican.  And, if I am part of some ‘shared’ solution, then that means that President Obama is just a little brighter Republican than his predecessor was.

Pres. Obama To Order Guantanamo Closed

January 22, 2009

On his inauguration day, Barack Obama directed military prosecutors at Guantanamo to suspend trial proceedings so that cases could be reviewed. Today, on only his second full day in office, Pres. Obama indicated that he and his staff were readying an order to close Guantanamo:


Common Sense: It’s What’s for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

November 9, 2008

It is unusual to find common sense, pragmatism, and rationality at one of the foremost bastions of right-wing ideology, but then again, it’s a new day: