AP Analysis: U.S. Is Winning Iraq War

The Associated Press has taken a sharp right turn and swallowed gallons of Kool-aid. I don’t quote from or link to AP articles, so I will list the reporters’ (Robert Burns and Robert H. Reid) arguments and link to commentary.

Here is why violence has dropped so sharply, thus enabling the U.S. to win the war, according to Burns and Reid:

  1. Sunni insurgents have come over to our side in exchange for money and jobs.
  2. Ethnic cleansing, concrete walls around neighborhoods, and lots of heavily armed Iraqi and American soldiers have made Baghdad safe and peaceful.
  3. Iraqis have grown to trust and love the American soldiers and don’t want them to leave.
  4. The American soldiers don’t have to fight anymore because all the bad guys are either dead or working for us, so all they have to do now is make sure all the ordinary Iraqis get along and play nice together. It’s a little bit like getting paid to babysit when the kids are asleep and you can sit on the sofa and watch tv with a bag of potato chips.

By the way, you may have heard somewhere along the line that there are over four million Iraqis who are homeless and living as refugees inside Iraq and in the countries surrounding Iraq. You may have read that this is both a humanitarian crisis and a political catastrophe waiting to happen as countries like Syria and Jordan struggle to provide essential services for millions of Iraqi refugees and their own people at the same time.

Don’t believe it. All those people will be returning to Iraq real soon and will be able to reclaim their homes and possessions, and be welcomed back into their old neighborhoods again, none the worse for wear.

Here is the promised commentary:

  • Blue Girl, Red State:”It’s not winning when you can’t leave.”

    We have not “won” the war in Iraq. That was won in the first three weeks. We have lost the occupation by accepting the legitimacy of the insurgents who took up arms against us and by doing nothing to stop them from being integrated into the Iraqi government. We looked the other way. Did we even have a ceremony for this?

    Since when does victory mean leaving the enemy in command of the government, the field of battle, with partial political power and his forces largely intact and fully armed? Your tax dollars are putting weapons in the hands of men who, until recently, were killing Americans. Where is the outrage?

  • Alicublog:

    The top rightwing blogs usually treat the Associated Press as a nest of lieberal traitors (“I personally just find it amazing that major media outlets continue to wonder why most of America refuses to read their trash-masquerading-as-news anymore”). But now AP reports that the U.S. is winning in Iraq, and these bloggers have grown credulous, because it gives them a chance to give the speeches they’ve been rehearsing in their bathroom mirrors for years.

    I would consider it a fair trade, if I hadn’t read further down in the AP story:

    Iraqi authorities have grown dependent on the U.S. military after more than five years of war. While they are aiming for full sovereignty with no foreign troops on their soil, they do not want to rush. In a similar sense, the Americans fear that after losing more than 4,100 troops, the sacrifice could be squandered.

    U.S. commanders say a substantial American military presence will be needed beyond 2009…

    In other words, same shit, different headline, call it defeat, “mission accomplished,” or whatever you like. It has endured through several news cycles, with one side or the other going blar-har-har at any given time, and will likely endure through many more without a change more serious than a news hook.

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