I’ve been saying this for about eight months.  Now Arianna Huffington says it yesterday.  This is what I’ve been feeling and writing about

Plouffe’s book arrives at a crossroads moment for the administration — exactly one year after the election, and one year before the 2010 midterms. A lot has happened in that year, as the audacity of winning has given way to the timidity of governing.

If the dumb ol’ Chief from East Podunk can see the timidity, we know the electorate voted that way last Tuesday.

There is no doubt that whatever policies that the Obama administration pursues, the Repubs will be against them.  Bi-partisanship is fine, but not at the expense of your soul.

Wall Street companies that are “too big to fail” sends the wrong message to the public.  Nationalize Goldman-Sachs, AIG and all those overgrown problem children.

Get the troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq.  Following the failed policies of the Bush administration – bad idea.

Health care.  Should have been forcefully for a “single-payer” then settled for a robust public option that anyone can get into.

Jobs.  The stimulus was a half-measure.  Needed to be a bold, FDR-like stroke.

The demographics of the gubernatorial races in NJ and VA as compared to last November showed that the under-30 crowd stayed home.  Let’s hope that the White House reads the tea leaves the same way I and others are.

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2 Comments on “Timidity?”

  1. oldephartte2 Says:

    I saw a neat title for a book on politics : “Dual-Party Tyranny”. In a system where money buys the politicians…it buys them all.

  2. Chief Says:


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